Hush Crime: Elderly White Man Murdered By Negro Employees

The "African American" commits between seven and ten times the crime that Whites commit. They have an I.Q. that is 15 points lower than Whites. They are ten times more likely than Whites to be infected with HIV/AIDS. The vast majority, higher than 80%, of negro children are bastards. Somehow, we are supposed to live along side this failed branch of humanity. There's many benefits, insist wealthy criminals with oddly hooked noses and tiny caps on the back of their heads. It's madness. If Whites survive another hundred years we're going to look back at this "age of equality" and shake our heads in amazement at the ignorance.

Maybe hiring them would help? Or lead to a "robbery gone wrong" hush crime murder of an older White man.

Joshua Archie and Undra Ward, 22, are facing capital murder charges in the death of Party City manager Bobby Adams, 68.

Another senseless negro crime targeting vulnerable Whites. Put it down the memory hole with all the others. Lie about it. These are just stereotypes.

"Finding out that both men had worked with my father took my breath away that they could plan this robbery/murder then acted it out and run. He had given them guidance, friendship and a wonderful work environment."

Here's the uncomfortable truth: Whites are the least racist and most generous group. It isn't evil Whitey causing this. It's the inherent traits of the negro, the content of the character. This is why they need to be removed from White nations.

"These young men, who were going to be Jackson firefighters -- they had applied and gone through the process -- made a grave, grave error in judgment in this case," said Ridgeland Police Chief Jimmy Houston.

More good boys, turning their lives around. They were going to be firefighters. With the affirmative action dumbed-down standards for that career they probably would have got in. Unfortunately the low I.Q., lack of future orientation and poor impulse control kicked in first.

They arrested homo erectus.

Take a good long look at this creature. Low, receding forehead. Brow ridge. Muzzle. Foreign DNA. This is our equal.

Ward was a Blitz 16 Player of the Week for Ridgeland High School in 2007. Both he and Joshua Archie played football at Holmes Community College before quitting the team.

These worthless criminal scum were also super human athletes! Let's put them on our "fantasy football" team!

It murdered a White man.

Joshua Archie's mother, Cherry Price, said she doesn't believe her son was involved in the robbery and shooting.

Yeah, it's pretty hard to believe. 

A White man murdered by dark monsters he tried to help. The national media is silent. We've got "NFL" games to worry about. Our nation is terminally ill.  
Now available to work at party stores, play football and fight fires.


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