Hush Crime Horror: Three "Teens" in Christmas Gang Rape

We ignore racial differences at our own peril. The negro commits seven to ten times the violent crime that Whites commit. Low I.Q. coupled with unchecked animal impulses often lead to crimes that are so shocking that they must quickly be sent down the memory hole, lest we start to believe in "stereotypes." The year ends as it started, with more jungle savagery that the dinosaur media ignored. The "teens" were at it again.

Three young males, allegedly on the prowl to rob someone Christmas night, terrorized, kidnapped and sexually assaulted a Newtown Square woman, police said.

"Young males." Is anyone still fooled by this sort of language? Then we get the old "robbery gone wrong." Savage animals on the loose in the west. You must not notice this or speak against it. Keep consuming.

More sons of Obama.
The victim, 22, was carjacked at gunpoint, raped and forced to perform oral sex while being driven around the city of Philadelphia and Upper Darby for five hours, according to police.
No race given for the victim. I would bet a shiny nickel it was a White woman. The West has become a free-range corral where Whites blunder around half-asleep before being randomly selected for rape or murder by the predators that the kosher nation-wreckers have unleashed. We graze on materialism, blissfully unaware of the coming fate. 

The three suspects, identified as Brehon La-Vaan Rawlings, 19, of the 400 block of Arbor Road, Yeadon, 17, of Pemberton Street, Philadelphia, and Kewon Matthews, 17, of the first block of North Millbourne Street, Millbourne, were in custody by days end Dec. 26.

I'm sure these monsters are basically good boys, turning their lives around. Future marine biologists, astrophysicists and rappers.

“This was a sadistic crime, the kind of crime that shakes up the human consciousness,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “They were looking for somebody to rob and see her come out of the bar. She came out to have a cigarette and was sitting in the car looking at pictures in her cellphone on a lot at Marshall and Grace roads, waiting for her boyfriend to come out of the bar.

It might even get you to remove your head from your backside, Mr. Chitwood. This is the negro anti-soul, the completely ordinary and predictable behavior they produce when left to their own devices. The only thing surprisingly is your ignorant amazement at typical negro behavior.

The victim teaches us a valuable lesson. We need to be vigilant and armed, especially if you are a White woman. We are being targeted by racist, violent creatures. We don't have the luxury of relaxing when they are around. Put away the phone and ready a gun.

Chitwood added that they withdrew about $15 from her bank.

The value of White life in today's U.S.S.A.

Magisterial District Judge John Perfetti arraigned the trio Thursday morning for 42 criminal charges, including rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse by force, sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault by force, indecent assault, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking, theft and related charges.

Rawlings was also charged with firearm not to be carried without a license.

He might have spit on the sidewalk, too, so maybe there should be a charge for that. Lack of a b.s. "license" is apparently a worse crime than rape and kidnapping.

Full Story. 

2012 is over. It was another year of betrayal and misery as our nation continues its decomposition. We saw an election won via welfare bribery, endless negro hush crimes and a sleeping White populace enamored with various Chinese garbage. If 2013 is going to be any better we have to continue to wake up as a race, realize we are the target of planned extermination and take steps to insure our survival. I will do my part and I hope all of you can say the same.

In the spirit of the New Year, here are some predictions for 2012.

Negro attacks on Whites will continue to accelerate. The dinosaur media will come up with new strategies to bury these stories and insist that correctly reporting this silent, one-sided race war would be "racist." Many meskin and negro criminals will be incorrectly classified as "White." Stories of White criminals will be blown out of all proportion in a transparent bid to distract from the "minority" pathology.
More foreign war for Israel. We'll probably see at least one "special op" in a foreign country that goes horribly wrong and becomes a political embarrassment. 

There will be another "Travon Martin" incident where a White person is turned into a media target for the self-defense killing of a negro. The usual pattern of lies will occur. 

So-called "open shooter" incidents (many highly suspicious in nature) will continue and will be used as an excuse to remove gun rights and disarm the population. Full registration of firearms will occur and many will be banned as "assault rifles."

Inflation will continue to decimate the middle class, destroying savings and preventing most from acquiring wealth and escaping wage slavery. The White taxpayer will be bled dry to pay for the 47% handouts. We will see "austerity measures" and the standard of living for the average White American will continue to decline.

More cities will declare bankruptcy. Finding ways to shift the tax burden to White suburbs will be offered as the solution.

I wish everyone the best for 2013. Hopefully we can use the coming collapse to start over and get it right this time with a White nation.  


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