Meskin Malfunction Ignored

While most of America was parked in front of the moron box wondering why a scrawny mulatto pimp was interrupting the precious africa-ball a piece of may-hee-can trash was busy having an "open shooter" meltdown that has received exactly zero attention. Latin American chaos has truly found a home in the U.S.S.A. as these clean, hard working and decent natural conservatives commit the crimes the White people won't in search of a better life.

Officers David Gogian, 50, and Jeff Atherly, 29, both of the Topeka Police Department were killed in the line of duty Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012 after exchanging fire David Tiscareno, 22, of Topeka.

They were promptly forgotten and the story sent down the memory hole in favor of a marxist narrative about "crazy Whites."

Miller said they believe Tiscareno pulled the trigger, who has a known criminal history.
Police said Tiscareno was in the car with multiple people, but police said they are not looking for any other suspects.

This story has a little bit of everything. A meskin clown car packed full of brown sewage. An aztec with a known history of criminality allowed to run amok, no doubt due to "overcrowded prisons" or the inherent evils of deportation. The decision not to punish any of the other brown invaders, who are all accessories to murder and just as guilty as the monster that pulled the trigger.

No rule of law. Viva la Amerika.

The salvation of the Republican party.

Police said after about 90 minutes, Tiscareno exited the house and fired a shot. Officers returned fire and Tiscareno went down. A canine unit dragged Tiscareno onto the porch where officers apprehended him. He was transported to an area hospital by ambulance where he later died.

At least there's a happy ending. 

The slow death of a once great nation continues. Eroding personal rights. Worthless money. A brown invasion that is being encouraged by both parties. No rule of law. Fake tears for victims. The memory hole. After America collapses we'll hopefully do a better job with the new White nation that replaces it. 


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