The War at Home: "Teen" Attacks Medal of Honor Recipient

White men still make up the vast majority of our nation's military, despite the fact that they are now dying for a country that not only doesn't represent their interests in any way but also actively seeks their extinction. It has become obvious that the real war is here at home, the undeclared one-sided race war against Whites. We're losing badly. Why bother with Afghanistan when there are large areas of the U.S.S.A. that are no-go zones for Whites? Why worry about mohammadans on the other side of the world when non-White terrorist attacks on White victims happen here every day? Yes, there's a war on. It's right outside our door. The battle to control the ruins of a once great nation is steadily heating up.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is recovering after allegedly being attacked by a teenager over the weekend in Kentucky, but details of the fight and what provoked it remain unclear.

Risk your life in a desert hell on earth to further zionist interests and line the pockets of our ruling criminals. Then come home and get attacked by a "teen." Well, maybe it isn't a negro. There's no picture. We can't really say for sure...

Police said Thursday they arrested 18-year-old Kanissa'a Thompson


Close your eyes and think of communism, this will be over soon.
WYMT-TV reports Meyer was injured badly enough that he was treated at a local hospital and released. The severity of the charge indicates that the victim was seriously injured, a State Police spokesman told the Herald-Leader.
The expendable White male. Die in our wars, be victimized by hush crimes, pay endless taxes to support the brown underclass. If you don't like it we'll tell you to "man up."
Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor last year for his actions in Afghanistan. He is credited with saving 13 American and 23 Afghan soldiers' lives in a grueling 2009 firefight.  

In the graveyard of empires it was fairly straightforward: there's the enemy, go kill them. Back in the land of the fee and the home of the slave we're fighting against an invisible enemy that operates with the full support and incitement of the controlled media, the educational system and our illegitimate government. This enemy won't be satisfied until Whites have when completely exterminated.

Another day, another "teen" attack on a White victim. That war against normal White America continues. If we're going to survive we need our own nations, we need White Nationalism. We must stop fighting and dying for a marxist, multi-cult ruin.


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