Two White Girls Sacrificed on the Altar of Equality

Since the Western world lost its collective sanity about half a century ago there has been a relentless push to "sell" us on the virtues of the negro. From "look at that boy run" monetized children's games to sanitized for your protection TeeVee negroes that are charming, funny and non-threatening the propaganda is endless. There's been an especially strong push to get White women to sacrifice their bodies, genetic heritage and soul to dark monsters. On Murray Rothstein's MTV we see cool, "sexy" negro alpha males contrasted with rural Whites exploited for cheap laughs. The message never changes: miscegenate.

Of course in real life the average negro male is not Will Smith, but is a violent, low I.Q. predator full of anti-White racism. It's not hard to predict the inevitable disaster and it's even easier to cover it up and send it down the memory hole.

Around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, 16-year-old Bobbie Sartain and her best friend, 15-year-old Raquel Gerstel, were gunned down near the corner of Minna and Brookdale avenues. Authorities said at least 36 bullets were fired.

Two White girls in the center of negro-created hell. Murdered by creatures straight out of the stone age. Media silence. Many more will have to die.

The boyfriend of Sartain’s mother said the girl stormed out of the house after an argument, shortly before she died.

The collapse of The West distilled down to one sentence. The death of the family. Children poisoned by a steady stream of kosher vomit produced by their schools and the idiot box. The suicidal desire to associate with the negro. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Bobbie’s family said she had been getting into trouble lately, and neighbors wonder if the murder was drug-related. Hamilton said, whoever killed the pair were casual about leaving the scene.

The problems started when she was exposed to endless electronic synagogue and (c)rap "music." We would have intervened but there's no father and a steady stream of "boyfriends" so that makes it difficult. Besides we all know drugs are harmless. Go get "baked" Whitey, make yourself stupid and harmless.

No hurry to leave the scene of the crime. We live in a country where Whites, especially vulnerable Whites, are hunted for sport.

Full Story.

Diversity Victims.

More children passed through the flames to Moloch. First they were ruined by state-approved lies, then debased by miscegenation and drug abuse and finally slaughtered by 85 I.Q. criminals. This story will not be national news. It will be quickly forgotten, perhaps pushed aside for one of those "First African American" stories. Many American Whites are lambs to the slaughter. Until we defeat the marxist deceits this will continue. 


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