Whites Blamed For Gun Violence On Talmudvision

Control the narrative. Control the language. Outlaw dissent. Appeal to emotions. Demonize the opposition. Lie.

This is the strategy of the nation-wreckers, the marxists, the kosher criminals that currently control the U.S.S.A. They have no logical argument and can't win a fight that isn't fixed, so the propaganda is endless. They're betting that the average White American is too lazy and drugged to actually seek out the truth. They're betting we're too afraid to speak that truth, should we somehow come across it. For several decades they've been winning that bet. This is beginning to change. The explosion of the internet marks the end of the controlled media, the end of the lies. There day will soon be over, which is why you see increasingly desperate attempts to keep control.

CNN's Don Lemon discusses the possibility of profiling white men in an attempt to prevent gun violence and decrease the amount of mass shootings. Lemon argues that white males between the ages of 18 and 25 were behind nearly all recent mass killings.

This is the marxist fantasy. Let's look at reality. We could start with a very recent case of a bleached negro muslim or maybe mention a typical Chicago weekend. Countering a big lie needs a more aggressive approach than just citing a few cases, so let's have a vulgar display of negro behavior.

Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered 5 White in Lansing)
Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)
Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)
Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered )
Paul Durousseau (Seven women)
Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer”(Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)
Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)
Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)
Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)

AA high-yellow tells anti-White lies.

Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years)
The Zebra Killings
Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)
Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)
Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)
Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days)
Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)
Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)
Harrison Graham (Brutally Murdered 3 women)
John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)
George Russell (3 women, WA state)
Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)
Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)
Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)
Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)
Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)
Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)
Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)

Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)
Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)
Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibly more in NY)
Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)
Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)
Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)
Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego
Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)
Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)
Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)

Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)
Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)
Charles Jackson (at least 4 women dead, maybe more)
Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)
Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)
Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)
Donald E. Younge, Jr.(killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
Daniel O Jones (Killed four women while on parole for raping a high school teacher)
Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people –)
Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

Full Story.

Considering that the negro represents only about 13% of the population (as opposed to the 50% portrayed in most commercials on the electronic synagogue) I think the point has been made. The negro is over-represented in all areas of violent crime, including so-called "mass killings." Another media lie beaten into the ground by stupid old reality. Another attempt to demonize and demoralize Whites exposed to the light of truth. This is our job. The final defeat of the one-worlders is close at hand and then we can begin building White nations.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, I'll be back on the 26th.


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