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NFL Negro Opposes Sodomite Agenda, Grovels

We are witnessing a fundamental change in the "Progressive Stack," the power ranking of various special rights groups picking at the corpse of the U.S.S.A. Nothing has changed at the top, of course, where the kosher marxists still pull the strings. Normal White Males are still firmly at the bottom. In the middle, however, a change is taking place. It appears the sodomite has moved past the negro in value to the nation-wreckers.

It's understandable. The communists have gotten tremendous mileage out of the negro, but their usefulness is on the wane with the explosion of sawed-off brown invaders from the mexican sewer. The negro is already out-numbered by la-teen-oh welfare colonists and that will only get worse with the coming amnesty. This, combined with the internet and streaming video sites awakening many Whites to the pathology of the American negro makes them less useful as a bludgeon against traditional White America. The result is that the negro has tumbled down the…

Chicago Decay: Daylight Shootings

The average American negro has an I.Q. of 85. This represents a full standard deviation below the average for Whites or Asians and, combined with a culture of violence and hyper-sexuality, insures the completely predictable failure of this genetically isolated race. Every day we see that failure in Detroit and Camden and Gary and Milwaukee and, of course, Chicago. As new records for idiotic and senseless violence are being set in Rahm Emmanuel's plantation the alleged leadership seems completely clueless on how to stop the terminal rot consuming the Midwest's largest city. Noticing racial reality is, naturally, not an option.

A little more than two hours later, a 15-year-old girl had also been shot to death, bringing to 42 the number of homicides so far in 2013, making this month the most violent January in Chicago since 2002. The bloody start to the new year comes as the Police Department hoped it had begun to turn the corner after a violent 2012 that saw homicides exceed 500,…

Negro Ball Sodomites Brawl

What is on the mind of the average White man this week? The full surrender of our criminal government to foreign invasion? The negro tribal warfare devouring our cities? Maybe a growing concern that our women are being raped by non-White monsters? Try none of the above. No, the concern is focused on the "big game" where heroic negroes will be slamming into each other and piling on top of each other in an effort to get into the "end zone" and "score." This bizarre homosexual ritual will be eagerly viewed by debased, drugged and culturally alienated Whites, eager to cheer for "their" team of negro monsters. While Whites are dispossessed and targeted for genocide many of us will be drooling over their "fantasy football" team of negroes that are so athletic they can run around for four seconds straight in between lengthy rests that provide plenty of time to sell Chinese garbage and push the marxist agenda.

This blind alley of overweight ne…

Criminal Government To Sell Out White America...Again

There are common symptoms that accompany the death of a nation. A loss of shared culture and shared vision. Mortgaging the future to buy temporary security. Entertainment that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Endless, disastrous foreign war. Spiraling debt and debasement of the currency. An inability to defend the borders from invasion. Cheapening of citizenship. Sound familiar?

Today our illegitimate kosher rulers will take steps to accelerate the collapse by opening the floodgates for more welfare colonists from the Latin American sewer. Millions of brown illegals, hand open, here for better looting. Who will pay for this mess? Yes, that's right. The White dupe. Terminal velocity has been reached. The U.S.S.A. prepares to slam into the ground below.

A bipartisan group of eight senators plans to announce they have agreed on a set of principles for comprehensive immigration reform.

And by "reform" we mean total and complete capitulation to the brown scum flooding…

Communist Tyranny Hides Behind Slain Children

As our criminal, marxist government makes its big push to disarm the cattle every dirty trick from the communist playbook is being called upon. Front and center is the classic "won't someone think of the children" argument where the erosion of rights is presented as a display of concern for the next generation, our most precious natural resource. In unrelated news, there have been 50 million abortions in the U.S.S.A. since it was legalized.

If an Amerikwan child somehow survives being sucked into a tube while in the womb, they suddenly become unbelievably valuable and quite useful as props to push whatever usurpation is currently planned. Who could forget that little negro used to push Obama Care? Now dead children from a highly suspicious incident are the emotional bludgeon to batter our constitutional rights.

Organizing for Action, the newly formed “grassroots” group that will help President Obama try to promote and pass his agenda, today sent out a fundraising and me…

American Africa: Negroes Brawl At Food Stamp Office

A White Man can turn a desert into an oasis. An Asian can maintain that oasis. A negro can turn an oasis into a desert. The inherent dysfunction of this race simply isn't compatible with civilization. Left to their own devices they fall into a predictable pattern of violence, dependency and failure.

For the last sixty years we have tried to alchemize the negro into something resembling a second-rate White person, at great expense. When that failed, we hoped we could at least buy their good behavior with endless hand-outs and "social programs." When that failed, it was back to blaming racist Whitey, as if this massive, totally unsuccessful reclamation project had never happened, as if Whites hadn't paid an ungodly sum of money into this doomed enterprise. Today's negro is even worse than what we started with, after all that meddling and do-gooding and efforts to deny genetic reality.

Now we have a permanent underclass, a coal black neoplasm that is slowly destroyi…

African All vs. All: Ritual Murders in Cameroon

In America more non-White babies are being born than White babies. It doesn't take a tremendous gift of foresight to see the coming demographic disaster that looms larger with each new day of free hand-outs and open borders. Whites are being targeted for destruction and replacement by a sea of identical brown slaves. When this process is complete the endless dark night that has already settled over places like Detroit will begin. Civilization will be lost, replaced with tribalism, endless violence, superstition and idiocy. Uncomprehending dark faces will look at the ruins of the past and wonder what a White man was and how they could have built something so amazing, only to give it away and commit racial suicide.

In Africa we can get a glimpse of this coming nightmare, which is why I often post some of the more incredible stories from "The Mother." Here we see negroes in their natural environment, without the protective hand of the White Man and the intelligence boost pr…

Wallowing in the Valley of Despair

Yesterday was a big day for the communist nation wreckers whose poisoned talons are currently digging deep into the soft White flesh of the West. It was time to have a meaningless and expensive ceremony to appease a mulatto narcissist criminal. What could be more important in a time of massive unemployment, foreign invasion from Latin America and negro rot rapidly approaching critical mass than having a freaky looking scumbag laugh his way through the oath of office, followed by various kosher musical acts? At least the crowd of 47% true-believers enjoyed it, right?

Despite the president’s sharply ideological tone – perhaps to fire up his base for his second term – the crowd gathered on the National Mall failed to catch the emotional fever pitch. It remains to be seen what, if any, role the strong smell of the marijuana smoke in one part of the Mall played on the crowd’s demeanor.

"Baked" negro morons. Debased Whites. An entire nation in a narcotic haze of denial and fant…

Happy "I'm Not a Negro Tonight" Day

The editors of The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers state that “…the failure of King’s teachers to notice his pattern of textual appropriation is somewhat remarkable….”

But researcher Michael Hoffman tells us “…actually the malfeasance of the professors is not at all remarkable. King was politically correct, he was Black, and he had ambitions. The leftist [professors were] happy to award a doctorate to such a candidate no matter how much fraud was involved. Nor is it any wonder that it has taken forty years for the truth about King’s record of nearly constant intellectual piracy to be made public.”

According to King’s biographer and sympathizer David J. Garrow, “King privately described himself as a Marxist.” In his 1981 book, The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr., Garrow quotes King as saying in SCLC staff meetings, “…we have moved into a new era, which must be an era of revolution…. The whole structure of American life must be changed…. We are engaged in the class struggle.”


Negro Anti-Soul: Random Stabbing

There is little, if any, ability in the 85 I.Q. genetic aliens that walk among us to actually feel empathy or altruism, or indeed any feeling beyond animal urges for sex and violence. This pathology manifests itself in "baby mommas" and welfare dependency. It's present in the "polar bear hunting" and "random" attacks that always seem to fall on White victims. The belief that the negro was equal to Whites will be remembered as one of the greatest follies of this present age, along with the welfare state, open borders, endless foreign war for zionism, etc.

A New Jersey man with a dark past is facing charges for allegedly stabbing a woman inside a retail store Thursday.

A dark past and the skin color to match it.

Tyrik Haynes, 19, is accused of repeatedly stabbing a woman inside the Bed, Bath & Beyond on Route 35 in Middletown. 

Another senseless negro crime. A strong possibility that the victim was White. Piece by piece everything that was built by W…

African Tree Hockey Ends in Fatal Shooting

Televised sports provide one of the few opportunities to witness a mostly non-fictional positive portrayal of the American negro, even if said positive portrayal is largely an illusion. You might see a hero negro hit the big home run and win the game, before going home to batter his snow hoe. Or you might venture into Detroit to watch negroes play a child's game. Maybe a negro that scored two "tugs" is on your "fantasy football" team. The bottom line is sports provide a useful distraction for our kosher enemies, they give them an opportunity to uplift the brown people and present them as desirable mating prospects for White women and in general serve as one of the many faces of the communist long march through the culture.

As with all communist narratives genetic determinism and the natural inclinations of the negro have a way of ruining things. For every sullen, racist, steroid-fueled negro that becomes a "superstar" there's a thousand stories li…

Cattle Control: The First Draft of Obama's Executive Order Speech

My fellow Americans. Voting illegal aliens. Somali refugees who are being sent to the Whitest areas of this country. Israeli dual-citizens. Foreigners who made illegal contributions to my campaign. Today we have an opportunity not to waste a good crisis.

We are in a crisis of gun violence. Dangerous assault weapons with high-capacity magazines have ended up in the hands of Mexican criminals. The criminals acquired these deadly weapons legally through American gun stores. These guns have been used to murder American citizens. This proves the inherent evil of guns. We should still keep allowing in illegal Mexicans, of course. They do jobs Americans won't. It's the gun that was bad.

Let's not forget the Sullivan Central massacre where dozens of our precious children were brutally murdered in a senseless slaughter that could have been prevented if everyone was totally defenseless. Don't forget that horrific massacre at a theater in San Antonio. We have too many rights and …

South Africa: The New Face of Crime...Same as the Old Face

There are certain crimes that literally never happen. We never see a gang of Whites going "Brown Bear Hunting" and attacking lone negroes for no reason other than racism. We never see Whites invading negro homes and raping/murdering the occupants. We never see a White man raping a negro, period. Every night the controlled media prays to their father, satan, that such a crime will somehow occur so that Whites can be demonized and the "see, we're all the same" myth can be delivered, with a side order of the evils of "White privilege." If only reality wouldn't stop wrecking the marxist narrative.

So we get stories that blame the victims of negro swarm attacks. We get fabricated White rape hoaxes. We get tall tales of phony White hate crimes while the very real undeclared, one-sided race war against Whites is ignored. We get drivel like this blaming Whites for negro pathology. The propaganda never seems to end.

And when they think they've lucked o…

200 Meskins Brawl at Baby Shower

Both the red and blue brand of our kosher, controlled and completely illegitimate government agree that the may-he-can is good for the U.S.S.A. We must bring in as many as possible and encourage their out-of-control breeding with handouts from the White tax paying sucker. After all, these pieces of brown garbage are our future, as decreed by the criminal nation wreckers holding the levers of power. A future of slavery and government dependency, a future that looks a lot like Columbia or El Salvador, a future of filth and ugliness and more filth on top of that. Viva la Amerikwa!

It's only the future if we, as Whites, allow it.

Just one sucker punch turned a happy Massachusetts baby shower into a brawl of bottle-smashing and chair-bashing between 200 people. The unruly mob surrounded police who say they were urging parents to get their kids away from the fray.

The family values of these natural conservatives. Doing the bottle and chair bashing that Whites refuse to do. Our treasonous…

Negro Nightmare: Unarmed Hostages Stabbed, Raped

As kosher gun grabbing looms large we need to review the reasons for gun ownership. The first reason is to overthrow a government that has run amok and no longer represents the people. The second reason is to protect against the dark criminal element that has been unleashed on Whites by the marxists in power. In both cases, firearm ownership is essential to our continued survival. We are being targeted by everyone from the president and his wire-pullers to the common street negro. We're responsible for our own defense, no one is going to do it for us. If you're not armed, you need to be.

Consider the typical negro behavior coupled with total ineptitude from the system in today's story.

Fourteen department store employees have been rescued by a Los Angeles SWAT team after a four-hour armed robbery hostage drama inside a Nordstrom Rack department store, a police spokesman said Friday. The two robbers have escaped despite an extensive search of the department store.

Four hour…

Chicago Jihad Targets "White Devil"

The marxist nation-wreckers have many weapons that are regularly deployed against Whites. The negro. The may-hee-can. Feminism. Materialism. The sodomite agenda. Radical Islam. While most of these kosher evils have reached a point of saturation and diminishing returns, the "religion of peace" is still rapidly expanding and sinking its hooks into the soft flesh of today's U.S.S.A. Just like with other insane and abhorrent concepts like divorce at will or anonymous buggery as a civil right this growth requires that a nice happy face be slapped over the festering wound. The rot needs to be marketed, needs to be disguised as something happy and desirable. If the wire-pullers can do this for a lifestyle that revolves around damaging the rectal tissues for sexual gratification they should be able to do it for anything.

Or maybe not. Making a frothing jihadist into something that will appeal to the average swipple is proving a tall task.

So we get "My Jihad" a series …

Black South Africa: Negroes Poisoning Unborn Babies For More Welfare

A welfare state never leads to any upward mobility for the "poor" but instead becomes a self-sustaining cycle of parasitism that apparently has no bottom floor. Here in the U.S.S.A. the government giveaways are used for alcohol, pornography and strip clubs and don't forget expensive Chinese sneakers. The upshot of this is we're forced to pay twice with school food programs just to insure the next generation of big government dependents don't starve to death. Pointing out this pathology is wrong and probably racist, so the problem just keeps getting worse. Cultural marxists in our criminal government have compared these welfare leeches to government workers. In a way, they are. Their job is to vote for communism every four years.

What will the 47% look like when they actually are the majority and Whites have been exterminated and driven to society's margins? For the answer we can look to a place where that process has already been completed: South Africa. In w…

Negro Thugs Take Break For Africa Ball

Sports are one of the most useful weapons that the kosher nation-wreckers have for keeping the masses distracted. It takes our natural tendency toward nationalism and White identity and channels it towards harmless rooting for the "home team" made up of negro aliens that don't actually live in the city they supposedly represent. It allows a chance to portray the negro in a more positive light (yeah, he commits crimes, but he also scored two "tugs" in the "big game"). It sells useless Chinese junk we don't need. Much of the money generated then goes to fund cultural marxism. Meanwhile Whites have negro "fantasy" teams and become more and more divorced with reality. All in all, a slam dunk for our enemies.

The "Light of Nations" behind professional sports. While many Washington D.C. Whites were poisoning themselves and getting hot and bothered for theircornball brother the negroes were also glued to the electronic synagogue. For a…

Good News Monday: Mother Defeats Home Invasion

We need to be armed. If you only remember one thing I write, that should be it. We're currently facing both a government run amok and a one-sided undeclared race war. In both cases, Whites have been targeted for destruction. It's a question of our survival against a system determined to destroy us. This is why we need to organize, separate and most of all be ready to fight when there is no other option. As full-blown collapse draws near we must insure our safety and survival. No one else will do it for us.

It could be as simple as a crazed criminal animal breaking into your house.

A would-be burglar was looking to cash in, but instead found himself in a world of pain when a Georgia mother who refused to be victimized shot him multiple times in the face and neck.

Note that the criminal negro is described as a "burglar," a description that won't stand up to closer scrutiny as we read the rest of the article. Note that a woman with a gun is more than a match for a ju…

Another Hush Crime: "Stranger" Rapes White Woman

If negro criminality was reported with even 10% of the zeal reserved for crimes involving White males we'd need a longer day for the electronic synagogue to properly cover it all. We'd see nothing but ugly, savage brown faces full of sullen menace. These alien faces, full of hate toward White civilization, would completely drown out the marxist narrative and even the most deluded White liberal would be forced to admit we have a serious problem. The kosher nation wreckers can't allow this to happen, so the vast majority of non-White criminality is sent down the memory hole.

On this blog you can see the endless parade of black and meskin dysfunction laid bare. I tell the truth and fear no one. That truth is that Whites have been targeted for elimination by the marxist wire-pullers. We are now in the midst of an undeclared, one-sided race war. We need to keep hammering this message, keep waking people up. No more White victims.

A man broke into a south Minneapolis home and sex…

Chicago Gets Fast Start On 2013 Collapse

We are never, ever allowed to speak the obvious truth about the dark cancer devouring American cities. It's the fault of liberal policies and socialism. It's the fault of conservative policies and heartless social darwinism. It's the fault of ineffectual moderate policies. When we finally are forced to acknowledge the racial component every bizarre excuse, from pilgrims to hot weather, is trotted out. The elephant in the room, the spectacular failure of transforming an evolutionary dead-end into good little citizens, must never be spoken, lest your career and life be ruined. It's racist. The truth is not a defense.

So the rot continues.

Chicago closed out 2012 with 506 homicides, a 16 percent increase from the previous year. Meanwhile, the city opened New Year’s Day with three homicides and a dozen other people wounded in gun violence.

Notice the dishonest language, the intentional denial of reality. "Gun violence." Oddly enough well-armed Whites don't see…

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology

The combination of low I.Q., lack of future orientation and poor impulse control typically found in the negro often leads to appalling crimes that quickly go into the memory hole, but for every "rape gone wrong" there's a bit of dysfunction that would be hilarious if we weren't being forced by nation wreckers to live right next to it. Sometimes you have to laugh anyway.

An 18-year-old man was jailed in Brevard County after being accused of stuffing a $1.29 Iced Honey Bun down his pants and leaving a store. Brandon Phillips was arrested on misdemeanor charges of retail petty theft, resisting arrest without violence and resisting in the recovery of merchandise.

Only a full standard deviation worth of difference in average intelligence could produce a story like this. Honey bun down the pants. Nation down the drain. These are our equals.

Stop right there criminal scum!
A store manager told police that he witnessed the theft and confronted Phillips, who fled on a bicycle.