African All vs. All: Ritual Murders in Cameroon

In America more non-White babies are being born than White babies. It doesn't take a tremendous gift of foresight to see the coming demographic disaster that looms larger with each new day of free hand-outs and open borders. Whites are being targeted for destruction and replacement by a sea of identical brown slaves. When this process is complete the endless dark night that has already settled over places like Detroit will begin. Civilization will be lost, replaced with tribalism, endless violence, superstition and idiocy. Uncomprehending dark faces will look at the ruins of the past and wonder what a White man was and how they could have built something so amazing, only to give it away and commit racial suicide.

In Africa we can get a glimpse of this coming nightmare, which is why I often post some of the more incredible stories from "The Mother." Here we see negroes in their natural environment, without the protective hand of the White Man and the intelligence boost provided by White genes. What we see is all against all in a nightmare of animal savagery.

On Friday, police found Michele's corpse with four other bodies dumped outside a kindergarten school. Fighting back tears, Deborah Ngoh Tonye described what was left of her sister's gruesome corpse. Someone had removed Michele's genitals, tongue, eyes, hair, and breasts.

Negro monsters in the "witchcraft belt" are hacking up children to make amulets from stolen body parts. We are not equal. Whatever these creatures are, they're not human.

Michele's bizarre murder is believed to be part of a wave of killings linked to occult rituals that has triggered panic in Yaounde, the capital city of more than 2 million people in the West African nation of Cameroon.

If current trends in the U.S.S.A. hold we can expect to have a federal "Witchcraft Tsar" within the next decade. Occult rituals and amulets made from the genitals of children will become the new "Obama care."

We dyin' here!

In some regions of the country, traditional healers claim eyes, genitals, tongues and other organs have mystical powers. Some occultists believe such organs hold the keys to gaining wealth and other good fortune.

In some regions of my country people believe that we can vote ourselves out of the current mess, that Israel is our great ally and that endless brown invasion is somehow good. Compared to that, using a teenage negro's tongue to bring wealth almost seems reasonable.

The fear is most noticeable as evenings approach. Many families lock themselves indoors beginning in the late hours of the day, while young men band together in vigilante groups, roaming the streets looking for killers.

The grim future that awaits. Come back Whitey, we be dyin'! 

Another typical day in the African heart of darkness. The nation-wreckers have decided that this should be the future for Europe and America. If they win, we can expect to start seeing witchcraft crimes in what used to be "good neighborhoods." They don't have to win. We can have White nations.


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