African Tree Hockey Ends in Fatal Shooting

Televised sports provide one of the few opportunities to witness a mostly non-fictional positive portrayal of the American negro, even if said positive portrayal is largely an illusion. You might see a hero negro hit the big home run and win the game, before going home to batter his snow hoe. Or you might venture into Detroit to watch negroes play a child's game. Maybe a negro that scored two "tugs" is on your "fantasy football" team. The bottom line is sports provide a useful distraction for our kosher enemies, they give them an opportunity to uplift the brown people and present them as desirable mating prospects for White women and in general serve as one of the many faces of the communist long march through the culture.

As with all communist narratives genetic determinism and the natural inclinations of the negro have a way of ruining things. For every sullen, racist, steroid-fueled negro that becomes a "superstar" there's a thousand stories like this one from Chicago.

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed after a fight broke out at the end of a high school basketball game at Chicago State University.

Typical negro behavior, not exceptional in any way. The same predictable failure, over and over.

Shortly before the shooting, an argument had broken out in a handshake line after the game between Simeon Career Academy and Morgan Park High School, police said.

Concepts like "sportsmanship" and "humility" are completely alien to the mind of the negro, just like almost every aspect of Western Civilization. We can't alchemize them into Whites. The Simian Career Academy can't change an 85 I.Q. and predisposition to violence and idiocy.

An aunt told WGN-TV that Lawson was an honor student at Morgan Park High School and was six weeks away from his 18th birthday.

Another future marine biologist, senator, physicist, or rapper turning his life around.

"Additional security is provided by the university and all external partners during high school sporting events. Arrests have been made and university officials are awaiting the outcome of a full investigation to learn details about the shooting incident.” 

More money wasted on trying in vain to control the natural inclinations of these genetic aliens. Next time maybe drop a giant net on them.

Full Story. 

Another predictable scene from the Chicago rot, where the lower races eagerly engage in tribal warfare while sucking the taxes and ruining what Whites built. These scenes are playing out all across America, as the joys of "diversity" that looks, thinks and behaves exactly alike is inflicted on formerly White cities. There is no cure for this pathology other than isolating it and removing it. 


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