Chicago Decay: Daylight Shootings

The average American negro has an I.Q. of 85. This represents a full standard deviation below the average for Whites or Asians and, combined with a culture of violence and hyper-sexuality, insures the completely predictable failure of this genetically isolated race. Every day we see that failure in Detroit and Camden and Gary and Milwaukee and, of course, Chicago. As new records for idiotic and senseless violence are being set in Rahm Emmanuel's plantation the alleged leadership seems completely clueless on how to stop the terminal rot consuming the Midwest's largest city. Noticing racial reality is, naturally, not an option.

A little more than two hours later, a 15-year-old girl had also been shot to death, bringing to 42 the number of homicides so far in 2013, making this month the most violent January in Chicago since 2002. The bloody start to the new year comes as the Police Department hoped it had begun to turn the corner after a violent 2012 that saw homicides exceed 500, bringing unflattering national attention to Chicago. 

We're going to use our awesome "hoping" powers to try to stop the dysfunction that follows any significant number of negroes and la-teen-ohs wherever they gather. If the national attention is "unflattering" imagine having to actually live there, ruled by a venal jew, bumbling and corrupt careerists like police superintendent Garry McCarthy and a permanent dark underclass engaged in tribal warfare. This is America's future.

Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy expressed concern and regret for the wave of gun violence as January draws to a close. Seven people were killed Saturday alone.

"It's really too bad all those brown people are behaving the way they always do. It's Whitey's fault, somehow. I hope I keep my fat paycheck. I'm all busted up over this. Lots of regret, here."

"It's disappointing," said McCarthy, who defended his crime prevention strategies while noting that he had sat down with some of the "brightest minds" in the country for four hours in Washington and heard little advice beyond what he's already been doing.

The brightest minds in Washington, a bunch of 40 watt bulbs, if that. You want a strategy from a big brain? How about "racial profiling?" How about "removing the negro and meskin?" You can have those for free, no need to thank me.

Empty suit, with jew wire-puller and uppity negress.

"You don't throw out everything you're doing because you had a bad couple of days," McCarthy told reporters. "And unfortunately today's (Tuesday) a bad day, too."

500 dead in 2012. That's a lot of "bad days." Total denial of the obvious racial disaster currently approaching critical mass. Sing a sad song just to turn it around.

Ludwig said big cities such as Chicago could use help from the federal government.

As White tax-payers flee the encroaching rot this sort of "solution" is going to become more and more common. "We need dat magic Obummer fiat currency. We dyin' here!"

Ignoring the obvious racial component of the collapse of our cities guarantees that nothing will improve and they will begin to pull down the entire country via "help from the federal government." For Whites, running away to less "diverse" areas is not going to be viable for much longer, as massive taxation of the middle class and the steady flood of brown from the south continue. We need our own nations, free from the predictable genetically determined pathology of the negro and may-hee-can.


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