Communist Tyranny Hides Behind Slain Children

As our criminal, marxist government makes its big push to disarm the cattle every dirty trick from the communist playbook is being called upon. Front and center is the classic "won't someone think of the children" argument where the erosion of rights is presented as a display of concern for the next generation, our most precious natural resource. In unrelated news, there have been 50 million abortions in the U.S.S.A. since it was legalized.

If an Amerikwan child somehow survives being sucked into a tube while in the womb, they suddenly become unbelievably valuable and quite useful as props to push whatever usurpation is currently planned. Who could forget that little negro used to push Obama Care? Now dead children from a highly suspicious incident are the emotional bludgeon to batter our constitutional rights.

Organizing for Action, the newly formed “grassroots” group that will help President Obama try to promote and pass his agenda, today sent out a fundraising and membership-building email that cites the Newtown massacre as a reason to “pull together” behind the president.

We must never waste a good crisis. Nothing says "grassroots" like something that receives millions in George Soros money. Now to "pull together" to help advance our enslavement.

From a fund-raising e-mail:

Each one of us needs to speak up and demand action. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big city or a small town like Newtown, Connecticut. 

Only when you're totally defenseless will you truly be safe, goyim. Clearly disarming good people will solve the problem of armed bad people. Forward.

Whether the action we take saves one life or 1,000, it matters.

Whether the action we take kills millions, like the Holodomor or the Chinese famines, or a more modest total like the Katyn massacre, it matters. We have far more to fear from our own government run amok than some punk kid loaded to the gills on mood altering drugs.

Full Story. 

There is no future for our children under a communist tyranny. Those that survive being stabbed with a pair of scissors before birth will be born into a world that is completely hostile to Whites. They have been marked for genocide by the kosher nation-wreckers. They will face job discrimination, educational discrimination, speech crime laws, thought crime laws, black pack attacks, endless miscegenation propaganda, senseless foreign wars where Whites provide the bulk of the cannon fodder and the loss of inherent, god-given rights to an illegitimate government. This is the problem that demands a solution. This is why we need White nations. 


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