Good News Monday: Mother Defeats Home Invasion

We need to be armed. If you only remember one thing I write, that should be it. We're currently facing both a government run amok and a one-sided undeclared race war. In both cases, Whites have been targeted for destruction. It's a question of our survival against a system determined to destroy us. This is why we need to organize, separate and most of all be ready to fight when there is no other option. As full-blown collapse draws near we must insure our safety and survival. No one else will do it for us.

It could be as simple as a crazed criminal animal breaking into your house.

A would-be burglar was looking to cash in, but instead found himself in a world of pain when a Georgia mother who refused to be victimized shot him multiple times in the face and neck.

Note that the criminal negro is described as a "burglar," a description that won't stand up to closer scrutiny as we read the rest of the article. Note that a woman with a gun is more than a match for a jungle monster without one.

She quickly retreated to an attic crawlspace with the children, but not before she also picked up her handgun. The burglar, whom police identified as Paul Ali Slater, did a room-by-room search of the home, and when he reached the attic, she was ready.

Note that the "burglar" doesn't seem interested in stealing anything. The goal here was rape and murder of what I'm assuming was a White woman. This is the mind of the negro, the content of their character. Kill Whitey.

She reportedly fired all six rounds, missing only once. The other shots hit Slater about the face and neck. 

Excellent accuracy, all things considered.

Slater did eventually get up and managed to return to his vehicle that was parked outside the home, but his injuries left him unable to drive, and it wasn't long before he crashed into a wooded area.

The typical negro is a bully and a coward. Faced with well-prepared Whites they melt like snow in June.

Sheriff Chapman told the paper that he was pleading with his deputies, saying: 'I'm dying. Help me.'

Predator becomes prey. "We dyin' here!" 

This 85 I.Q. Turd Got Shot.

He was carted off to Gwinnet Medical Center for treatment of the gunshot wounds, and he is expected to survive.

That's too bad. 

WSBTV reported that Slater has a long criminal history and was released from prison in August.

In a sane world this worthless living fossil would have been put down long ago. In today's kosher U.S.S.A. we release it from an "overcrowded" prison to wreak more havoc. If it wasn't for the gun we'd be reading about a "rape gone wrong." Where the system failed, the gun succeeded. 

Instead of White victims negro garbage is sent back to the "overcrowded" "crib," now much more aerodynamic thanks to new speed holes in his face and neck. There this piece of living dog droppings will live off White tax dollars, until being unleashed once again to target Whites. Until we can remove these dysfunctional elements we need to be armed and ready for them. Be armed, be vigilant and don't become a hush crime victim.


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