Happy New Year: 500 Dead in Chicago Tribal Warfare

As we look forward to an uncertain future that looks to be full of economic decline and endless attacks on White wage slaves one thing hasn't changed. The pathology of the American negro and the viva la razas remains a constant, a law of science that can be measured just by looking at population percentages and then calculating the rot. When the percentage of identical "diversity" reaches a critical mass you get Detroit or Chicago. Entire swaths of land annexed by Africa and Latin America.

A Thursday evening shooting in the west side of Chicago marked a milestone for the Windy City: for the first time since 2008, the city can likely claim 500 homicides in a single year. With still a few days to go until the new year, 40-year-old Nathaniel T. Jackson became the five-hundredth person killed in Chicago, Illinois since the start of 2012.

Congratulations to Chicago. A combination of demographic replacement, corruption and planned destruction has created an African/Latin American all vs. all right in the center of the Midwest. The next step is the fundamental transformation into another Detroit.

You can trust me, I'm a jew.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy confirmed to the Chicago Tribune late Thursday night that the passing of Mr. Jackson marked murder number 500 for the Windy City, and that no suspect had been identified by the police at that point.

The collapse of The West, in one awkward run-on sentence. A negro "passes" like a bowel movement. No suspects, no rule of law. Tribal violence, just like in The Mother. The authorities can't fix it at this point even if they wanted to, which they don't. The end of America.


Discussing the grim news on Friday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said it was “an unfortunate and tragic milestone, which not only marks a needless loss of life but serves as a reminder of the damage that illegal guns and conflicts between gangs cause in our neighborhoods.”

Hopefully we can at least get some gun-grabbing out of this, says the kosher plantation boss. Notice that individual behavior and responsibility is never at fault. It's always "bad streets" and "illegal guns" and never the truth. This is the content of their character. This is why they need to be removed from White nations.

“Violence has always been most pronounced on summer weekends in Chicago,” Ander said, adding, “One likely factor is the warmer-than-usual weather and the early spring. Over 80 percent of shootings occur outdoors and in public places.”

Dat hot weather be races. Don't forget to blame pilgrims, Jim Crowe, the legacy of slavery, the KKK, the invisible backpack and Whitey in general. Somehow we're causing these monkeyshines.
“Over the Memorial Day weekend, in a 72-hour period, we had 12 people killed and another 45 people shot.” WBEZ Chicago Public Radio host Robert Wildeboer told National Public Radio during a July 10 interview. 

We can have civilization or 85 I.Q. simians, but not both.

Full Story. 

No one ever seems to learn a lesson from the predictable failure of the negro and may-hee-can. It's the same lame excuses that we've been hearing for over fifty years, since the time when our own government lost its mind. Billions of dollars wasted to try to make them into something resembling a citizen of a western democracy. This is the end result. Genetic determinism laughs at the marxist.

Again, best wishes to all for the new year. Let's all work for a White nation.


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