Negro Anti-Soul: Random Stabbing

There is little, if any, ability in the 85 I.Q. genetic aliens that walk among us to actually feel empathy or altruism, or indeed any feeling beyond animal urges for sex and violence. This pathology manifests itself in "baby mommas" and welfare dependency. It's present in the "polar bear hunting" and "random" attacks that always seem to fall on White victims. The belief that the negro was equal to Whites will be remembered as one of the greatest follies of this present age, along with the welfare state, open borders, endless foreign war for zionism, etc.

A New Jersey man with a dark past is facing charges for allegedly stabbing a woman inside a retail store Thursday.

A dark past and the skin color to match it.

Tyrik Haynes, 19, is accused of repeatedly stabbing a woman inside the Bed, Bath & Beyond on Route 35 in Middletown. 

Another senseless negro crime. A strong possibility that the victim was White. Piece by piece everything that was built by Whites is destroyed by a wave of brown scum.

"He ran towards the back of the store and just picked a customer and just stabbed her," witness Anne Patl said. "And she had a baby in her hands, and that's all I heard. He stabbed her and just walked out. He didn't run. He walked out of the store like nothing happened." 

Our criminal, illegitimate government has forced these monsters on us. No intelligence, no conscience, no soul. Just a two-legged animal that belongs in a cage released into Western Civilization to run amok.

"It's a great town," resident Michael Mascolo said. "You don't hear things like this. It's shocking. You normally don't here this stuff in Middletown." 

Based on this comment my suspicion that the victim was White is almost completely confirmed. Only Whites talk like this. "This is a good area. Hard working White tax payers live here. This sort of insanity is supposed to be confined to negro areas."

We need to realize that the White enclaves are vanishing and the full powers of our kosher rulers are being deployed to speed this process. The "good areas" are vanishing, just like the American White in general. Running and hiding is not going to save us.

Britainistan's solution. Anything but addressing racial differences.

Haynes faces attempted murder and weapons charges and is being held on $1 million bail. He is also charged in an animal cruelty case, accused of setting a cat on fire last month. 

This is what I call the negro anti-soul, the content of their character.

Full Story. 

We are not going to solve the problem of the negro by giving up our rights, running to White areas that are already being targeted for Somali "refugees" or pretending the problem doesn't exist and sinking into a swamp of booze and sports. The failure of this race must be addressed in a mature fashion and the obvious solution, their removal, needs to be implemented. The alternative is random stabbings, coming soon to a "great town" near you.


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