Negro Ball Sodomites Brawl

What is on the mind of the average White man this week? The full surrender of our criminal government to foreign invasion? The negro tribal warfare devouring our cities? Maybe a growing concern that our women are being raped by non-White monsters? Try none of the above. No, the concern is focused on the "big game" where heroic negroes will be slamming into each other and piling on top of each other in an effort to get into the "end zone" and "score." This bizarre homosexual ritual will be eagerly viewed by debased, drugged and culturally alienated Whites, eager to cheer for "their" team of negro monsters. While Whites are dispossessed and targeted for genocide many of us will be drooling over their "fantasy football" team of negroes that are so athletic they can run around for four seconds straight in between lengthy rests that provide plenty of time to sell Chinese garbage and push the marxist agenda.

This blind alley of overweight negroes, sodomite mounting rituals and profound ugliness is where our kosher enemies want us to channel time and energy that could otherwise be used to fight for White nationalism. Not only is it a waste of time, it desensitizes White viewers, who are often heavily compromised by cheap beer and prescription pills, to the marxist party line. Here we can pretend the negro has value and isn't a cancer that is steadily devouring the nation. Here we can push the sodomite agenda.

Former 49ers and Raiders tackle Kwame Harris faces charges that he assaulted his boyfriend at a Menlo Park restaurant after an argument involving soy sauce and underpants, San Mateo County prosecutors said Monday.

NFL sodomites. This is what you're cheering for and wasting your money on, White man. This and the murderers, thugs, dog-fighters, fathers of twelve by eleven women, etc. Wake up. Turn off the electronic synagogue and start thinking for yourself.

The ex-football player got incensed when Geier tried to put soy sauce on Harris' rice, said Al Serrato, a San Mateo County prosecutor.

These are the tough, masculine, coal-colored gridiron heroes in real life. It should be pointed out that American negroes account for half of the HIV cases despite being only 13% of the population. For the negro sodomy is just another part of their wonderful diversity. A significant percentage of the negroes you'll see in the "big game" are either queer or on "dat down low."

Creepy looking sodomite negro was idolized by Whites.

During the restaurant argument, Harris accused Geier of stealing his underwear, Serrato said. Harris then tried to pull down Geier's pants, the prosecutor said. "I guess he was trying to prove that he was wearing his underwear," Serrato said.

The mind of the sodomite negro in action. These creatures live with us. They vote. 

Geier sued Harris in October in San Mateo County seeking unspecified damages. Through an attorney, Harris has denied all the suit's claims. Harris went to Stanford and was the 49ers' first pick in the 2003 draft. He played five seasons for the team before signing with the Raiders as a free agent.

This genetic alien and buggery enthusiast was paid millions of shekels and idolized by Whites. The sickness of our society, bread and circuses as everything burns.

Cultural marxism calls for the destruction of the traditional family and values. Sometimes it's inflicted directly, like in Communist Indoctrination Centers or "colleges" as some call them. Other times, it's wrapped up in a loud, ugly, violent display designed to appeal to our baser instincts. The message is slipped in, like a pill ground up into some junk food. Worship the negro. Be ashamed of your own race and culture. Participate in sodomy. Miscegenate. Turn in your guns. Obey your criminal rulers. That's the kosher script for this Sunday. Turn off the Telavivision. Stop worshiping negro garbage.


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