Negro Nightmare: Unarmed Hostages Stabbed, Raped

As kosher gun grabbing looms large we need to review the reasons for gun ownership. The first reason is to overthrow a government that has run amok and no longer represents the people. The second reason is to protect against the dark criminal element that has been unleashed on Whites by the marxists in power. In both cases, firearm ownership is essential to our continued survival. We are being targeted by everyone from the president and his wire-pullers to the common street negro. We're responsible for our own defense, no one is going to do it for us. If you're not armed, you need to be.

Consider the typical negro behavior coupled with total ineptitude from the system in today's story.

Fourteen department store employees have been rescued by a Los Angeles SWAT team after a four-hour armed robbery hostage drama inside a Nordstrom Rack department store, a police spokesman said Friday. The two robbers have escaped despite an extensive search of the department store.

Four hours of negro terror followed by a police "rescue" that occurred after the criminal animals had already escaped. This is the function of law enforcement in the U.S.S.A. They walk in and pick up the pieces after the worst is long over. They aren't going to protect you from anything.

A White victim of predictable negro criminality.

The ordeal at the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center began at about 11 p.m., when a boyfriend of a Nordstrom worker placed a frantic 911 call and said his girlfriend called him and said there were armed robbers in the store, Lt. Andy Neiman told KTTV-TV.
"Your 911 call is important to us. Please stay on the line. If you are currently being raped by a negro, press one now..." 
It's unclear when the suspects escaped. The suspects have been described only as two black males in their mid- to late-20s.

Obama's kids. The chance of catching these negroes is exactly zero. They're loose, ready to prey on Whites. 

The above article leaves out one little bit of information that is also worth noting.

One hostage was treated at the scene for a non-life threatening stab wound, Neiman said. Another employee had been sexually assaulted, Neiman said, although he declined to provide details.

Rape by an ape. The high price paid for being completely defenseless. Why didn't anyone have a gun? Why do we force Whites to live next to dangerous, low I.Q. racist monsters? Don't expect these questions to be answered any time soon.

Another story showing the content of their character and the heavy price paid for not owning a firearm. We must be armed and vigilant, the enemy is going to be more desperate and violent than ever as the U.S.S.A. collapses under the weight of "diversity" and is placed on history's ash heap.


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