South Africa: The New Face of Crime...Same as the Old Face

There are certain crimes that literally never happen. We never see a gang of Whites going "Brown Bear Hunting" and attacking lone negroes for no reason other than racism. We never see Whites invading negro homes and raping/murdering the occupants. We never see a White man raping a negro, period. Every night the controlled media prays to their father, satan, that such a crime will somehow occur so that Whites can be demonized and the "see, we're all the same" myth can be delivered, with a side order of the evils of "White privilege." If only reality wouldn't stop wrecking the marxist narrative.

So we get stories that blame the victims of negro swarm attacks. We get fabricated White rape hoaxes. We get tall tales of phony White hate crimes while the very real undeclared, one-sided race war against Whites is ignored. We get drivel like this blaming Whites for negro pathology. The propaganda never seems to end.

And when they think they've lucked out and found the real thing we see facts cast aside in pursuit of demonizing Whites.

Consider today's story from the South African Heart of Darkness. It looked like they finally had their "Great White Hope" and the media went all in.

In what could change the face of a uniquely South African crime, a gang of white ATM bombers, thought to be responsible for a string of attacks in central KwaZulu-Natal, continue to wreak havoc as fears of their next strike mount.

The bombers were caught on CCTV cameras which clearly reveal their white skin colour.

Notice how race is featured prominently when it fits the communist goals of the media. Contrast that to the outright denial of racial realities when it comes to negro crimes against Whites. Noticing this kosher double standard is wrong and "races" so please don't. Keep paying taxes, keep supporting your own destruction, stay asleep.

Based on TI-85 calculator footage the dinosaur media jumps to a conclusion it likes and then declares it fact.

The article then veers into baseless speculation about what would prompt Whites to commit typical negro crime (maybe they were in the ARMY!!!!) but it really isn't worth our time, especially in light of the eventual outcome.

Full Story.

Then the entire progressive narrative fell apart.

He quashed the allegations that it was a white gang, as was reported in the media on Sunday. “And this thing that they are white it is not true.”

The same old negro pathology in the Africa all vs. all. No apology for the error, no pictures of the criminals, just a quick retraction. After making a huge deal about this crime the truth is sent down the memory hole.

Full Story.

The dinosaur media is rapidly being replaced by the internet and its death will not be mourned. The days of lying about race and racial realities are over. We have our own media and we're taking over. Soon we will have our own countries, free from marxist lies and negro dysfunction.


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