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Negro Brawl Generates Amazing Video, No Arrests

Mulatto history month is almost over and we're wrapping up the celebration of negroes with significant White admixture that the marxist nation-wreckers deemed to be suitable figureheads for their long march through the culture. Another statue for a communist that rode a bus once, another injection of White guilt that there was a time we recognized racial differences and took the most sensible steps available to protect ourselves from these differences, short of deportation. Today, through the miracle of streaming online video we can witness the "stereotypes" for ourselves and realize our ancestors were not evil racists but realists that understood that mixing with 85 I.Q. outsiders just creates misery and pulls everyone down.

Today's story is just another "stereotype," another snapshot of negro behavior that is completely predictable within the framework of race reality but leaves the dishonest left mumbling excuses about pilgrims.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg poli…

Republican "Savior" Enjoys Jungle Music

The Republican party is not our friend. They are little more than the long shadow trailing after communist tyranny, the false opposition that never wins, the blowhards who are all talk and no action. Voting for RepellingCohens is not going to get us out of the mess we're currently in, especially when the paycheck "conservative" in question is a thirsty la-teen-oh goof who delivers speeches in the language of the foreign invader and enjoys listening to kosher negro noise. Yes, the savior of the right, who might win an election if conservatives just abandon everything they're supposed to believe in, enjoys the anti-White jew produced (c)rap "music."

The Florida senator often shares his love of hip hop and rap music, praising artists ranging from Tupac to Pitbull to Nicki Minaj.

He likes violent, moronic nonsense straight from the African sewer. He's a kwanservative who loves hearing scumbag negroes swear, threaten and brag about their penis. Clearly this n…

Negro Home Invasion Defeated By Armed Homeowner

Be armed. If you're White that's the first step, before you even think about doing anything else. Without a gun you're just another free-range lamb waiting to be devoured by the non-White scum that has flooded White nations in accordance with the kosher marxist plan. Without a gun you're powerless against your own government, a government that is no longer representative of our interests and has decided that creating a brown majority should be the main mission, even as debt spirals out of control and our culture degenerates to the lowest level possible. A man with a gun is free. An unarmed man is a slave. Or a victim.

Police said the homeowner heard a noise inside his residence and shot a man, later identified as 33-year-old Deyfon Pipkins, aka BJ, as he climbed through the window.

When a worthlessdark monster is crawling through your window there's only one solution. This very easily could have ended up as a "burglary gone wrong" but instead a criminal si…

Negro Band "Mindless Behavior" Causes Mindless Negro Behavior

Finding non-fictional examples of well-behaved negroes is not easy, even with the endless attempts to manufacture them during mulatto history month. Outside of the world of sports, where jungle genetics and a propensity toward violence are often an asset rather than a detriment, the entertainment industry is the primary source of "inspiring" tales of negro success. Here the kosher powers that be can prop up the American negro and use their control of the media to bombard us with images of talented 85 I.Q. "stars." At the end of day, however, that full standard deviation in measured intelligence never goes away.

Two people suffered minor injuries and police arrested 19 teenagers during a disturbance involving crowds of young people Saturday at Ford City Mall on the Southwest Side, authorities said.

Looks like the "teens" were at it again. The same predictable malfunction that occurs whenever negroes gather in large groups. Whites, of course, should avoid su…

Negro Nonsense Leaves Three Dead in Las Vegas

The fabulous Las Vegas! The Disneyland for adults. What happens there stays there. Come on vacation, leave on probation. Or, if you're a negro, get into a shoot out, crash your car and die. The same predictable negro failure goes on vacation. A (c)rapper that brags about driving with a gun is shot with a gun, while driving. Bystanders are killed or injured. The content of their character, the mess they always seem to cause.

The Las Vegas Strip became a scene of deadly violence early Thursday when someone in a black Range Rover opened fire on a Maserati, sending it crashing into a taxi that burst into flames, leaving three people dead and at least six injured.

85 I.Q. and poor impulse control combined with a culture that celebrates violence and idiocy leads to this sort of result with the certainty of a mathematical formula.

Road closed due to negro problems.
"This doesn't happen where we come from, not on this scale," said Mark Thompson, who was visiting from Manchester…

Whites Flee Londonistan, Foreigners Now Hold Majority

White nations and the prosperity that is built by Whites must be shared with every uneducated, sullen, violent cultural alien that washes up on their shores or slips under a poorly maintained fence on their open border. This is one of the laws of the new world dominated by the cultural marxists. White nations are for everyone. Having an all-White homeland is racist and wrong. We must cheer our own destruction. This is the madness we are forced to live with, an insanity that ignores the will of the people and even basic common sense. The end result is disaster, ruined cities, bankruptcy, crime and the death of nations as meaningful entities. This is a planned demolition from our enemies, the kosher nation-wreckers.

More than 600,000 white British Londoners have left the capital in a decade. Census figures show that between 2001 and 2011 the level of ‘white flight’ reached 620,000. It is the equivalent of a city the size of Glasgow – made up entirely of white Britons – moving out of the …

Detroit Death Update: 14 Billion in the Red

Importing a large number of negroes or may-hee-cans into a formerly White area is more devastating than dropping an atomic bomb. For proof, compare and contrast pictures of Hiroshima with Detroit, or Chicago, or Camden, or Atlanta, or countless others. The same predictable biological disaster plays out, over and over. The low I.Q., the crime, the foreign genetics, the culture that is completely incompatible with Western Civilization. Whites flee for their lives and then the long dark night of African all against all begins. There is no better example then Detroit, once one of America's most prosperous cities, now lying prostrate and near death, a victim of the pathology of the American negro.

The fiscal crisis plaguing Detroit is now in the hands of Michigan's governor after a state-appointed review team determined the city was in a financial emergency with "no satisfactory plan" to resolve it.

With nearly no productive Whites left to pay for the negro failure the onl…

Negro "Knockout King" Dethroned By Armed White

As we wallow in the depths of mulatto history month it's time to examine another unique negro contribution to the Amerikwan salad dish: racist, unprovoked attacks aimed at random Whites. The Knock Out Game, sometimes called "Polar Bear Hunting," is a rich and amazing contribution of the Simian American to our glorious kollectiv. It's been documented on this site many times. The victim could be a White teacher. It might happen on public transportation. It's even happening in the United Kaliphate. The media has done their best to bury these sort of stories, but the alarming frequency combined with the shocking look into the negro anti-soul has allowed at least some of these racist attacks to come to light. We are in a one-sided, undeclared race war. We need to be armed.

It's when the White victim has a gun that these stories have a happy ending.

Demetrius Murphy, 15, died Friday morning after he and another teen, Michael Bryant, allegedly tried to break into a m…

Chicago Rot: Constitutional Rights Blamed For Negro and Meskin Tribal Warfare

One of the unique qualities of this age we live in is that we're not allowed to actually name the real problems in our society. Problems like cultural marxism, the loss of freedom of association and the welfare state that creates endless dependency. Even the so-called "conservatives" are highly reluctant to address these issues, instead being distracted by their new love affair with illegal mexican immigrants. When it comes to corrupt White careerists and their jew wire-pullers, forget it. Instead massive contortions of reality are offered, blaming pilgrims and warm weather for negro and may-hee-can malfunction. The newest culprit targeted by "progressives" is our inherent right to self-defense.

Chicago’s chief of police can’t seem to avoid controversy over his statements related to gun control.

What we need is negro and meskin control.

Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy said that firearm owners who lobby their representatives, or who donate money to political camp…

Diversity Con Game Unmasked

I have to give the nation-wreckers credit. Without firing a single shot they conquered America. They took over the media and educational system while Whites slumbered in complacency. They're able to make a deviant lifestyle that revolves around damaging one's rectum not only socially acceptable, but beyond any criticism. They're more than capable of brain-washing the masses and have even discovered they can earn some nice geld in the process. What could be better for our enemies? They get to rant about how much they hate Whitey, twist the minds of nine-to-five zombies and get paid.

We've already discussed how this con game plays out at Communist Indoctrination Centers but it's also common in today's workplace. Whites who are already burdened by having to babysit unqualified affirmative action hires are forced to listen to some smarmy non-White rant about the evils of "pilgrims" and defend the lose of our national identity by appealing to JUDEO-christ…

Mexican Invader Lectures Congress, U.S.S.A. Circles Drain

A short time ago I talked about the marxist plan to have illegal may-hee-can welfare colonists tell woe-is-me stories about how hard it was to get on welfare and how sometimes the Whites who have to work and pay taxes to support this brown incursion are not sufficiently worshipful and may even show "racist" resentment at this planned demolition of America. Well, it's here. Sneaky, sawed-off brown dog shit are currently telling our criminal government what to do while the will of the majority is ignored.

Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant and former reporter, scolded a congressional panel on Wednesday, saying that he should not be called illegal, and saying it is an insult to his family who brought him here.

The death of a nation as a meaningful corporate entity. The Orwellian twisting of language and meaning to suit the agenda of the inner party. In a sane, White America this creature's corpse would be making its way back to the border to be dumped right now. I…

The Anti-White Con Game Comes to Wisconsin

There's nothing easier than being anti-White in today's U.S.S.A. You'll certainly never go broke and can even expect to be hailed as "courageous" and "controversial" for parroting the official line of the marxist wire-pullers. There's nothing more conformist and gutless than going along with this as a White person. Whites are being targeted for destruction within the nations we built. Our enemies are tireless in their attacks.

A lot of the attacks against normal White America originate in the communist echo-chamber that is the American kollege. In these Communist Indoctrination Centers mind-washing is the order of the day, leaving ruined victims with massive kosher debt, no employment skills and a guilt complex over their own existence. This advances the ultimate goal of White genocide.

Consider the "Unfair Project," which we've discussed in the past. After being defeated in Minnesota it looked like this particular cultural marxist arm…

Mob of "Teens" Runs Amok in Detroit Zoo

As a nation we're rapidly approaching the final tipping point, where the black and brown parasites will outnumber the White tax-paying sucker. This point has already been reached in many of our cities, leaving bankruptcy, crime, massive corruption and the endless failure of the alien races. Efforts to lure Whites back into this Heart of Darkness are often undermined by the sort of negro nonsense that is generally ignored by the dinosaur media. Without Whites spending, the system collapses under its own weight. We can expect this same collapse for the entire U.S.S.A. very soon.

City boosters hoped a downtown rampage by a horde of teenagers Saturday night wouldn't dissuade visitors from returning to the city.

Here's the opening paragraph I wrote after it has been translated into marxist-correct language. "Please come back Whitey, we need dat paper. We dyin' here." Part devil, part child.

Nearly 100 teens descended on downtown, picking fights, running into busines…

Wonders of Diversity: Negro Cop Unchained, Meskins Shot

America and her institutions were created by and for Whites. The belief that alien elements full of divergent genetic material, low intelligence and wildly incompatible cultural values can be placed in these institutions and everything will continue to run smoothly is one of the greater delusions of these final days of the U.S.S.A. White Civilization simply can't survive the endless flood of dark outsiders and even now we're seeing the structure of society crumble. In places like Detroit, that process is over, Africa has annexed the land leaving the endless dark night. In Los Angeles the result is a crucible of racial tension as negroes and meskins slaughter each other while Whites flee. The brown all against all remains.

The two women who were mistakenly shot by LAPD officers searching for triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner Thursday said they had no warning beforehand, according to the victims’ lawyer.

negro officerhas gone crazy, adding his name to the long list of …

The Negro Lottery: Frivolous "Racism" Lawsuit Targets White Rabbit

Much of the history of so-called "civil rights" is a history of bullying. Led by jew communists negroes were trained to always be the victim, to cry and whine and march and boycott until the inevitable cowardly White surrender occurred. Even today, where Whites now face structural racism in employment and education while the negro receives every special preference imaginable it still happens. Imaginary White racism is everywhere. The solution is endless, completely baseless litigation. The negro lottery offers a "get rich" scheme for these genetic aliens and is successful an alarming percentage of the time. Meanwhile, hard-working Whites are forced to pay and pay and pay for this failed branch of humanity.

Even Disney, a completely kosher operation that regularly vomits out marxist drivel is not immune from this negro con game.

A San Diego family is suing Disneyland, claiming a theme park character snubbed their kids because they are black.

Jason and Annelia Black of…

Marxists Seek Tear-Jerker Tales From Illegal Invaders

There is no logical argument for cultural marxism. Whenever its tenets have been actively applied, whether by the Soviet Union or the Obama administration the results have been disaster. These ideas are intellectually bankrupt, they ignore the reality of human nature and they destroy nations. The good news, at least as far as the criminals pushing this poison are concerned, is that most people aren't impressed by logical arguments but instead are swayed by empty appeals to emotions. This is the end result of over a half-century of marxist control of the educational system, the public schmuels and communist indoctrination centers, aka college. We now have a large segment of the population that is unable to think and as such is easily manipulated.

This is why we see the kenyan queer hiding behind children as he invokes dictatorial powers to strip away our rights. From crying dry tears to sinking to new depths of emotional manipulation in the absence of anything of substance to say…

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: Chicken as a Weapon in Soda-Fueled Melee

Sometimes I think I've seen all the ridiculous idiocy that the American negro has to offer, that I've seen them at their absolute worst and most stereotypical. I always end up being proven wrong by some new incident, some incredible new low created by a combination of low intelligence and poor impulse control. This is perhaps the only innovation that arises from the negro: creating new and unique examples of dysfunction. In some sense the law of average demands it, since the negro commits between seven and ten times the violent crime as Whites. On the other hand, I can only shake my head in amazement at the spectacular failure of these genetic aliens that have been forced upon us by our criminal government.

A family disagreement over Big Peach soda ended with a Dallas man going to jail Wednesday morning. According to a police report, 18-year-old Diamond Lydia began arguing about the soda with a 24-year-old woman in an apartment in the 7200 block of Ferguson Road.

The story gets…

Negro Hero Athlete Commits Armed Robbery

The popularity of kosher sports is, along with simple cowardice, one of the most powerful forces holding back the advancement of White solidarity. They offer our enemies a chance to push ugly, dangerous simians as heroes fit for a White woman. They channel our nationalistic instincts into something that is not only no threat to the ruling criminals but is actually harmful to those who fall into it. Millions of Whites watch the "big game" but how many will speak out against the planned May-hee-can amnesty, the endless negro crime against Whites, the tax and spend, the spiraling debt, or the cultural marxism? Yes, sports are very useful for our enemies. This, along with the telavivision in general and middle class wage slavery keep Whites from waking up to our planned destruction.

Even in the fantasy world created by the inner party, stupid reality has a way of breaking through. It could be thirty minutes of Chocolate City darkness, illegal dog-fighting, sodomites fighting in …

Police State Battles "Teen" Violence

Yesterday millions of Whites were parked in front of the talmudvision, staring into the dark abyss. A screen gone black, an America lost, unable to even sustain its bread and circuses. A nation 16 trillion in debt, a nation preparing to legalize millions of may-hee-can invaders, a nation with the physical and mental health of someone in the final stage of syphilis. In between the technical difficulties every effort was made to uplift the negro, to somehow demonstrate that living next to these dangerous genetic aliens is beneficial. It was shown they could run really fast, provided lengthy rest breaks were provided.

Meanwhile, martial law and a police state seems inevitable if the U.S.S.A. doesn't die first. Negro "leaders" are seriously calling for soldiers to be deployed into Chicago to try to stop the tribal warfare that Whitey is somehow responsible for. In Indianapolis the police state is already springing into action in a vain effort to contain the negro rot.

More th…

Negro Blames Communist Indoctrination Center For Shooting Rampage

The Communist Indoctrination Center, or "college" if you're behind the times, serves almost no beneficial purpose in society. Few useful employment skills are taught. It acts as a high priced day care center where extended adolescence can continue until the loans run out. It creates the next generation of marxists via endless anti-White mind-washing. Sometimes it even creates insane negroes that shoot White women.

Superior Court Judge Kelly A. Lee will hear from experts who evaluated Nkosi Thandiwe Wednesday night to determine if his mental state during the shooting spree was so disturbed that a jury could find him “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Could this "disturbed" mental state inside an 85 I.Q. brain by the result of kosher programming? Should we start banning kolleges for our own safety? The answer, for both, appears to be "yes."

During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shoot…