Detroit Death Update: 14 Billion in the Red

Importing a large number of negroes or may-hee-cans into a formerly White area is more devastating than dropping an atomic bomb. For proof, compare and contrast pictures of Hiroshima with Detroit, or Chicago, or Camden, or Atlanta, or countless others. The same predictable biological disaster plays out, over and over. The low I.Q., the crime, the foreign genetics, the culture that is completely incompatible with Western Civilization. Whites flee for their lives and then the long dark night of African all against all begins. There is no better example then Detroit, once one of America's most prosperous cities, now lying prostrate and near death, a victim of the pathology of the American negro.

The fiscal crisis plaguing Detroit is now in the hands of Michigan's governor after a state-appointed review team determined the city was in a financial emergency with "no satisfactory plan" to resolve it.

With nearly no productive Whites left to pay for the negro failure the only solution that has any chance of working, i.e. hosing Whitey, is off the table. All that remains is the final death spasms.

After spending weeks looking at the city's books, the independent review team released a report Tuesday saying Detroit's deficit could have reached $900 million last fiscal year had it not borrowed enormous amounts of money. The city's long-term liabilities, including underfunded pensions, are more than $14 billion.

The future of the U.S.S.A. in microcosm. Worthless brown welfare leeches. White flight. Massive debt. No hope or answers. The spectacular failure of sixty years of cultural marxist policies.

Please save us Missuh White Debil.

"It's our hope at the state level that this is a partnership. It doesn't have to be adversarial," said Dillon, a member of the review team. "A lot of the ingredients for the turnaround of the city are in place. Now we just need to execute. I do believe strongly that Detroit is fixable."

The White do-gooder liberal, delusional to the bitter end.

"We can still tax Whitey to save the city...what do you mean they're gone???"

The ongoing cash crisis has threatened to leave the city, which has a current budget deficit of $327 million, without money to pay its workers or other bills. Dillon said the city has been running deficits since 2005, and masking over them with long-term borrowing.

African School Economics. 

The destiny of demographics. An entire city devastated by two-legged locusts. A nation soon to follow. Unsustainable debt, insane denial of reality in furtherance of marxist ideas. America ends, buried beneath federal reserve forgeries, open borders and dark monsters. From this coming collapse a White nation will rise, if we're prepared to work and fight for it. 


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