Diversity Con Game Unmasked

I have to give the nation-wreckers credit. Without firing a single shot they conquered America. They took over the media and educational system while Whites slumbered in complacency. They're able to make a deviant lifestyle that revolves around damaging one's rectum not only socially acceptable, but beyond any criticism. They're more than capable of brain-washing the masses and have even discovered they can earn some nice geld in the process. What could be better for our enemies? They get to rant about how much they hate Whitey, twist the minds of nine-to-five zombies and get paid.

We've already discussed how this con game plays out at Communist Indoctrination Centers but it's also common in today's workplace. Whites who are already burdened by having to babysit unqualified affirmative action hires are forced to listen to some smarmy non-White rant about the evils of "pilgrims" and defend the lose of our national identity by appealing to JUDEO-christianity. It happens every day in the U.S.S.A., but it's rare that we have the opportunity to actually see such a right-think instruction seminar laid bare in all its ugly, genocidal perversity.

Judicial Watch today released previously unseen USDA videos revealing a compulsory “Cultural Sensitivity Training” program requiring USDA employees to bang on tables, chanting in unison “The pilgrims were illegal aliens” while being instructed to no longer use the word “minorities,” but to replace it with “emerging majorities.”

Cult-style mind control. With no logical argument, this is all that remains. Say "White man bad, Brown man good" a thousand times while I bang on a drum. These are the Witch Doctors of cultural marxism. I should also point out that the vast majority of the world population is non-White. We're the minority, not the teeming dark mass.

"Embrace your own destruction, Whitey!"

The sensitivity training sessions, described as “a huge expense” by diversity awareness trainer and self-described “citizen of the world” Samuel Betances, were held on USDA premises.

Try pulling that "citizen of the world" nonsense in any non-White nation and see what happens. Only in White nations are we forced to accept our dispossession. Only Whites are being targeted for extinction. 

Let's hear from this piece of garbage in his own words.

“I want you to say that American was founded by outsiders – say that – who are today’s insiders, who are very nervous about today’s outsiders. I want you to say, ‘The pilgrims were illegal aliens.’ Say, ‘The pilgrims never gave their passports to the Indians.’” Betances also asked the audience, “Give me a bam,” after these statements, to which the audience replied in unison.

These lines were delivered with the creepy sanctimony of a pedophile priest. He was paid $200,000 to spout this drivel. I would love to give this slime a "bam." Right between the eyes. 

You can watch the full videos at the link, if you have the stomach for it. I lasted about ninety seconds.

The land of the fee and the home of the slave. Compulsory lesson in marxism and anti-White racism delivered by a criminal at great expense. All this effort poured into promoting the wonders of diversity and all it does is fail. We have an ingrained need to stay with our own. There is nothing wrong with this, it is part of human nature. Going against this natural law leads to nothing but misery. This is why we need White nations.


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