Marxists Seek Tear-Jerker Tales From Illegal Invaders

There is no logical argument for cultural marxism. Whenever its tenets have been actively applied, whether by the Soviet Union or the Obama administration the results have been disaster. These ideas are intellectually bankrupt, they ignore the reality of human nature and they destroy nations. The good news, at least as far as the criminals pushing this poison are concerned, is that most people aren't impressed by logical arguments but instead are swayed by empty appeals to emotions. This is the end result of over a half-century of marxist control of the educational system, the public schmuels and communist indoctrination centers, aka college. We now have a large segment of the population that is unable to think and as such is easily manipulated.

This is why we see the kenyan queer hiding behind children as he invokes dictatorial powers to strip away our rights. From crying dry tears to sinking to new depths of emotional manipulation in the absence of anything of substance to say, we live in an era where emotion trumps all and actually noticing inconvenient facts makes you a "hater," at best. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the latest assault on America as a meaningful corporate entity will be wrapped in sob stories from poor, hard-working Pedro who just wants to come here for his technology degree, work real hard at a job Americans won't do and vote Republican.

Those poor, poor welfare colonists.

President Obama's former campaign organization is sending out a heart-rending appeal asking for undocumented immigrants to share their stories publicly in an effort to galvanize support for immigration reform.

Let's fog the mind of the cattle by having la-teen-ohs tell their woe-is-me stories of how hard it was to get on welfare and the difficulty of bringing all thirty of their children into the land of the fee and home of the slave. It could bring tears to a glass eye. Let's give up whatever remains of our national sovereignty so that Juan won't be sad.

"I consider myself an American, and I want to play by the same rules as everyone else," Jose Magana writes in the email sent out to the OFA mailing list. "But, as it stands, I can never become a citizen. I can't adjust my status. For most of my life, I could have been arrested, detained, and deported.

...and yet you never were for some reason. Here you are, a criminal invader, lecturing us on how it would be wrong to defend our borders. Try this stunt in any non-White country and see what happens.

"I'm not alone. Millions of undocumented immigrants like me live in fear of being deported permanently to a country we may have never even visited. Our entire lives could be erased."

Millions of White Americans are unemployed or woefully underemployed. When the newest marxist follies of the puppet-in-chief kick in it's going to get even worse. We face structural discrimination in education and employment. We are bombarded with constant anti-White messages from the dinosaur media, our schools and our own criminal government. We have been marked for genocide. We are losing our land, our heritage and our lives.

Wages are being driven down by this brown flood, jobs for Whites are vanishing, hospitals are forced to close due to non-paying illegals, they bring crime and filth.

But some sawed-off invader is worried we might remember our laws and start enforcing them again and that makes us sad.

Go fuck yourself, Jose.

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We can all look forward to watching slimy, sneaky, half-smiling may-hee-cans educating the gringo with their "heart-rending" tales. The writing is pretty much on the wall, anyway. The current administration is hell-bent on having an amnesty and the repelling-cohens are prepared to lie down and die in hopes that they'll get more than 30% of the meskin vote in the next election. Our government has ceased to represent us, our nation has lost all meaning, our rights are trampled into the ground. White racial self-determination is the only answer.


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