Negro Brawl Generates Amazing Video, No Arrests

Mulatto history month is almost over and we're wrapping up the celebration of negroes with significant White admixture that the marxist nation-wreckers deemed to be suitable figureheads for their long march through the culture. Another statue for a communist that rode a bus once, another injection of White guilt that there was a time we recognized racial differences and took the most sensible steps available to protect ourselves from these differences, short of deportation. Today, through the miracle of streaming online video we can witness the "stereotypes" for ourselves and realize our ancestors were not evil racists but realists that understood that mixing with 85 I.Q. outsiders just creates misery and pulls everyone down.

Today's story is just another "stereotype," another snapshot of negro behavior that is completely predictable within the framework of race reality but leaves the dishonest left mumbling excuses about pilgrims.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded to the disturbance call for a large fight at the NDemand venue at 617 East 28th Street around 2 a.m. Monday but found no one with visible signs of injuries.

The police are right there on the scene, as soon as all the worst negro nonsense is over and all the criminals involved have fled.

But a video posted on YouTube shows several people throwing chairs and other items at each other from across a large room.

The content of their character. Hooting, hollering, throwing objects, making themselves appear bigger. Our equals.

Major negro malfunction.

People at the venue and involved in the brawl have been unwilling to cooperate with officers – either by giving their accounts of what happened or identifying people in the fight, police said.

You don't want to be a "snitch" after all. Rule of law and other concepts that form the foundation of Western Civilization are simply incompatible with the mind of the average negro.

“It was a very sore loser at a fashion show. And it just happened to escalate,” Henderson said.

It was sore losers in the genetic lottery.

Be sure to watch the full video at the link. This is the real negro, not the kosher fantasy on the moron box. These creatures vote, get handouts, get special preferences and are considered more important and valuable than the Whites that keep this country on life support. This system can't last, a nation half-slave (Whites) and half-free can not endure. When the crash comes, we will fix the mistakes of the past sixty years.


  1. New Mantra/ Statement of Intent (courtesy of "Porter" on Irish Savant blog)

    * Imagine if our institutional lymphocytes actually functioned as designed.

    * Imagine a government, education bureaucracy, and media complex that worked to protect our interests.

    * Imagine politicians, academicians, and newsmen debating as jews do: about what’s best for us.

    * Imagine immigration castigated in the media nightly for its acidic effect on our society.

    * Imagine crimes against whites detailed in vindictive tones, while crimes against non-whites are dismissed without mention.

    * Imagine white women reminded in every venue of the beauty and fragility of our millennia-old bloodlines—and being shamed to perdition when they defile them.

    * Imagine white men being constantly inspired by the virility and ingenuity of their forefathers…taught to be proud and protective of their lands, history, and culture.

    * Imagine glowing reviews of white advocacy groups, while non-white groups are regarded with fear and loathing as “hate,” “supremacist,” and “domestic terrorist” organizations.

    Finally, imagine the encouragement of robust white families living in secure, supportive, and like-communities.

    You are imagining victory.

    Mantra/ Statement of Intent


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