Negro "Knockout King" Dethroned By Armed White

As we wallow in the depths of mulatto history month it's time to examine another unique negro contribution to the Amerikwan salad dish: racist, unprovoked attacks aimed at random Whites. The Knock Out Game, sometimes called "Polar Bear Hunting," is a rich and amazing contribution of the Simian American to our glorious kollectiv. It's been documented on this site many times. The victim could be a White teacher. It might happen on public transportation. It's even happening in the United Kaliphate. The media has done their best to bury these sort of stories, but the alarming frequency combined with the shocking look into the negro anti-soul has allowed at least some of these racist attacks to come to light. We are in a one-sided, undeclared race war. We need to be armed.

It's when the White victim has a gun that these stories have a happy ending.

Demetrius Murphy, 15, died Friday morning after he and another teen, Michael Bryant, allegedly tried to break into a man’s home on Tennessee.  Police say the homeowner emerged with a gun.  Bryant ran, but they say Murphy confronted him and was shot and killed.

Worthless negroes attempt a "burglary gone wrong" only to be easily handled by a well-prepared White homeowner. One less criminal negro. Imagine for a moment what would have happened to an unarmed homeowner. Our government wants that. They want us to be helpless against both non-White criminality and communist tyranny.

Murphy, just thirteen at the time, was the one identified by Quain as his attacker.  Sources tell Fox 2 that Murphy was headed to trial in the “knockout game” case, but a young witness suddenly refused to testify, forcing the charges to be dropped.

The only thing that got "dropped" was this racist animal. Where the system failed, the gun succeeded.

Victim of "Knockout Game" finally avenged.
“Ya know, I’m not happy that somebody died,” he said Monday.  “I just wish there was more that people could do to put an end to it.  Whatever it takes, more cops, whatever.
Even after being brutalized by savage monsters the White victim refusing to wake up to racial realities. This is what we're up against. The good news is these attacks are waking up many Whites. The bad news is a lot of Whites still think "more cops" and fewer rights is the solution to a full standard deviation in I.Q. combined with alien genetics and culture.
Obama's son shot dead. A rare victory for justice and civilization in a rapidly dying nation. We must learn the lessons of this story. We can't alchemize racist, moronic criminals into good little citizens. We need to remove them and protect ourselves from their idiocies until the glorious day of deportation. The U.S.S.A. and the marxist lies it's built upon is a rotten structure soon to collapse. When it falls, we get a chance to do it right, to fix the mistakes, to create a White nation. Until that day be armed and vigilant. 


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