Negro Nonsense Leaves Three Dead in Las Vegas

The fabulous Las Vegas! The Disneyland for adults. What happens there stays there. Come on vacation, leave on probation. Or, if you're a negro, get into a shoot out, crash your car and die. The same predictable negro failure goes on vacation. A (c)rapper that brags about driving with a gun is shot with a gun, while driving. Bystanders are killed or injured. The content of their character, the mess they always seem to cause.

The Las Vegas Strip became a scene of deadly violence early Thursday when someone in a black Range Rover opened fire on a Maserati, sending it crashing into a taxi that burst into flames, leaving three people dead and at least six injured.

85 I.Q. and poor impulse control combined with a culture that celebrates violence and idiocy leads to this sort of result with the certainty of a mathematical formula.

Road closed due to negro problems.

"This doesn't happen where we come from, not on this scale," said Mark Thompson, who was visiting from Manchester, England, with his wife. "We get stabbings, and gang violence, but this is like something out of a movie. Like 'Die Hard' or something."

There's so much irony here. "Right, back in the United Kaliphate we've got muslim gangs, daylight home invasions, five day riots and Londonistan is majority non-White, but your American negroes look like something out of a bloody movie." Looking forward to Die Hard Part XXII: Die Hard with Negro Pathology. Yippee kie yay Mr. Falcon.

Thursday afternoon, Sheriff Doug Gillespie said after the driver of the Maserati was shot, he lost control of the car passed through a red light and hit the taxi cab, which went up in flames. Boldon and his passenger in the cab were killed. Cherry died in the Maserati, and his passenger was shot.

Collateral damage to the negro mayhem. We are forced to live with these monsters. They have more rights than White people. They vote. They suck the taxes. This is why we need to restore a White nation.

"People don't have to worry," he said. "This is an unusual occurrence, as tragic as it may be."

Please stay asleep Whitey. Continue working, consuming and paying taxes. Nothing to see here.

Cherry was an aspiring rapper whose twitter feed included links to videos identifying him as "Kenny Clutch" and with scenes featuring a Maserati on the Las Vegas Strip. His attorney said Cherry loved cars and drove a gray Maserati, but she’d always remember him for his trademark dreadlocks.

Another aspiring brain surgeon/molecular biologist/rapper tragically lost in the midst of turning his life around. A stupid wasted life ends in a stupid wasteful death, taking bystanders with him. This animal was completely devoid of value.

The incredible detonating negro.

Non-Whites have no place in a White country. They simply are incapable of adapting to the very basic requests of a civilized society. They myth of equality has been completely destroyed by the endless failure of the dark hordes. If we want a future as a nation, they need to be removed. 


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