Police State Battles "Teen" Violence

Yesterday millions of Whites were parked in front of the talmudvision, staring into the dark abyss. A screen gone black, an America lost, unable to even sustain its bread and circuses. A nation 16 trillion in debt, a nation preparing to legalize millions of may-hee-can invaders, a nation with the physical and mental health of someone in the final stage of syphilis. In between the technical difficulties every effort was made to uplift the negro, to somehow demonstrate that living next to these dangerous genetic aliens is beneficial. It was shown they could run really fast, provided lengthy rest breaks were provided.

Meanwhile, martial law and a police state seems inevitable if the U.S.S.A. doesn't die first. Negro "leaders" are seriously calling for soldiers to be deployed into Chicago to try to stop the tribal warfare that Whitey is somehow responsible for. In Indianapolis the police state is already springing into action in a vain effort to contain the negro rot.

More than 50 police officers saturated downtown Indianapolis Saturday night patrolling from the air and on the ground as part of a new, stepped-up security plan to crack down on teen violence.

Another American city held hostage by "teen" violence. Increasingly desperate solutions are deployed in a losing battle against genetic determinism.

The plan was formed and put into place after a string of incidents including one last weekend when a 16-year old fired shots into a crowd near Capitol Avenue and Maryland Street.

"We got the idea when we finally noticed the spectacular failure of the American negro."

Officers were stationed at mall entrances with hand-held metal detectors to be used on anyone police suspected may be carrying a weapon. Other officers rode IndyGo buses headed downtown, and probation officers were on the scene to do random probation sweeps for teens who who have active warrants.

The erosion of rights, the profound ugliness of a "multi-cultural" society. Now entering the U.S.S.A., please have your papers ready.

"I think it's nice," said one downtown shopper, reacting to the increased presence.  "It's a deterrent."

"I love living in a police state. Having guns pointed at me makes me feel safer. I would gladly give up all my liberties for temporary safety."

Hite said the increased security would continue until further notice.

Until we remove the negro and have our own nation this nonsense must continue.

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We must restore our racial self-determination and establish our own nations. Metal detectors, soldiers and vanishing liberties are not the answer to the problem of low I.Q. and an alien culture. Removal is the answer.


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