The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: Chicken as a Weapon in Soda-Fueled Melee

Sometimes I think I've seen all the ridiculous idiocy that the American negro has to offer, that I've seen them at their absolute worst and most stereotypical. I always end up being proven wrong by some new incident, some incredible new low created by a combination of low intelligence and poor impulse control. This is perhaps the only innovation that arises from the negro: creating new and unique examples of dysfunction. In some sense the law of average demands it, since the negro commits between seven and ten times the violent crime as Whites. On the other hand, I can only shake my head in amazement at the spectacular failure of these genetic aliens that have been forced upon us by our criminal government.

A family disagreement over Big Peach soda ended with a Dallas man going to jail Wednesday morning. According to a police report, 18-year-old Diamond Lydia began arguing about the soda with a 24-year-old woman in an apartment in the 7200 block of Ferguson Road.

The story gets off to a slow start, just the banality of negro evil. A lot of readers probably stopped here, thinking "just more predictable failure from non-Whites." Suffice it to say, there's more to this amazing story.

He followed her into her bedroom and threw a box of chicken at her. He grabbed a pillow and hit her with it and then climbed on top of her and punched her in the head several times. The woman responded by smashing a glass jar from her dresser over Lydia's head, the report states.

"Where be mah big peach soda? Eat dis chuk-in, bee-atch. Now I gonna done punch yo' ass. Aw shiz-it a glass jar! I be leakin'!" Just incredible. These people vote, receive employment and educational preferences and endless tax payer hand-outs. We are told these are out equals.

Muzzle, broad nose, receding forehead, brow ridge.

A witness told police Lydia then went downstairs and grabbed a tire iron. He shouted, "I'm going to kill you!" and tried to swing the tire iron at the victim, who had also come back downstairs. But the report states witness was able to grab the weapon and prevent Lydia from seriously hurting anyone.

This insanity brought to you by sixty years of misguided laws, anti-White racism and billions of dollars wasted trying to alchemize these simians into something resembling a White person.

Negroes throwing chicken. This is the end result of decades of "civil rights" madness. Total and complete failure, the genetically determined malfunction, the reality that can't be wished away. This is a failed race. We need our own nation separate from this nonsense.


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