Another Mall Mob, "Teens" Arrested

As the U.S.S.A. continues its decomposition no aspect of life is spared. A trip to the mall to do some shopping and get a little light exercise is now likely to end with negro nonsense ruining everything. Whites then stop going to the shopping center, sales plummet, it closes and the steady creeping necrosis advances, leaving abandoned buildings, ruined cities, crime and ugliness. The same predictable genetic failure of an alien race, the end result of low intelligence and a predisposition toward violent stupidity. To notice this process occurring means you're racist, to actually want to do something about it makes you some sort of Super-Hitler.

We stay silent, we play along with the system. The rot continues. We flee. It follows. Soon there will be no escape as Whites face genocide in the nations we built.

Five teens were arrested Saturday evening after large fights broke out inside and around Castleton Square Mall.

Those crazy "teens'' at it again. Polite lies while a nation dies. We must never notice racial reality, it is one of the only sins that are left.

No shots were fired, but police responded with a heavy presence, first near the McDonalds on 82nd Street.

A full-blown police state at a mall. This is the near future, the last desperate attempt to hold everything together. The collapse will come soon after.

Police reports show about 20 teens were fighting just after 6 p.m., and dispatchers told police at least two guns had been pulled out.

A pack of negroes defies no "stereotypes" and behaves in a pattern the is completely predictable based on every measure of criminal tendencies and intelligence ever done.

Two teens were arrested at that scene, including a 17-year-old, who police say tried to hide a loaded gun. 18-year-old Ryan Grooms was also arrested, for possession of alcohol.

I guess that's better than the usual "no arrests where made" typical of these sort of incidents.

Evolutionary dead-end runs amok in White nation.

Two more were arrested after knocking down a clothes rack inside Sears, then resisting both a security guard and an officer.

"I have a dream. One day we'll knock down clothes racks and have mob fights and Whitey will be too scared to seriously address our pathology. Then we'll get Whitey and the crimes will be covered up. Lots of welfare, too. Free at last, free at last..."

The American negro is simply incompatible with the modest requirements of a civilized White nation. They bring nothing but ruin to everything they touch. When the non-White metastasis reaches a certain level the host nation dies. It's probably too late for the U.S.S.A. to prevent this death. All that remains to be determined is what will follow: either the endless dark night of African all against all or the birth of a White nation and a new golden age. Brown ruin or bright future, those are the choices.


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