Chicago Rot: Sodomite and Promiscuity Education for Five-year-olds

The cultural marxists have had a firm control over the educational system of the U.S.S.A. for over half a century and this dominance has allowed them to win victories beyond even their wildest dreams, culminating with a mulatto dictator and his kosher wire pullers. The destruction of the family has also been achieved, via a combination of feminism, the sodomite agenda, no-fault divorce, abortion on demand and other assorted evils. With full control of the levers of power the communists have decided to take their attacks on normalcy into overdrive, targeting children just out of diapers with their mind-poison.

While most U.S. public schools start sex education in the fifth grade, sex education will be coming to Chicago kindergartners within two years as part of an overhaul of the Chicago public schools sexual health program.

A nation gone mad. Dependency, debt and perversion. We rush toward the unforgiving ground thinking "We've fallen a thousand feet. So far, no problem."

For the first time in Chicago, sex-ed instruction will cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Students will be introduced to terms and definitions associated with sexual identity, including those related to heterosexual and LGBT populations, in an effort to bring awareness, promote tolerance and prevent bullying, said the school board.

The sodomite agenda, coming soon to a kindergarten. The profound sickness of our kosher nation.

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Where does this sort of madness come from? The usual suspects, of course.

In 1919, Georg Lukacs became the Deputy Commissar for Culture in the Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary where he instigated what became known as Culture Terrorism. He launched an explosive sex education program. Special lectures were organized in Hungarian schools and literature printed and distributed to instruct children about free love, about the nature of sexual intercourse, about the archaic nature of the bourgeois family codes, about the outdatedness of monogamy, and the irrelevance of religion, which deprives man of all pleasures. Children urged thus to reject and deride paternal authority and the authority of the Church, and to ignore precepts of morality, easily and spontaneously turned into delinquents with whom only the police could cope.   

The communist jew behind "sex education."

White nations are now under the control of communist nation-wreckers, hell-bent of destroying Whites, regardless of the cost. This insane hatred of White America has taken us into 16 Trillion worth of sin debt, has ruined our cities and is intentionally creating a generation of perverts. Kosher brainwashing in our schools. Whites, if you are sending your child to a public school you're guilty of child abuse. Get them out now. 


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