Communist Indoctrination Center Terrorized By Phony "Hate Crimes."

Hate crimes are real and they occur nearly every day in America. It could be a White business owner murdered by a negro that the kosher law forced him to hire. Or a White man victimized by a black pack attack. Then there's knockout kings and polar bear hunting. Yes, hate crimes happen in the U.S.S.A. and the Whites are the victims. There is an undeclared, one-sided race war going on and we are being targeted for genocide.

Then there's the fictional "hate crime," the hoaxes that fit the marxist narrative and actually receive coverage from the dinosaur media despite being cut from whole cloth. A negress might claim to have been set on fire by sheet-clad Whites. Or a mentally ill dyke might cut herself to "raise awareness." Then there's the endless incorrectly drawn swastikas and misspelled slurs that are allegedly the work of evil Whitey, but the evidence is lacking, at best.

Today's hate crime story is of the staged communist variety, taking place at a Communist Indoctrination Center. In case you've been living in Tibet in a cave for the last fifty years and just got back Kolleges are not exactly bastions of White pride.

A few updates to a story from yesterday about Oberlin College canceling classes after someone reported spotting a person walking on campus wearing what appeared to be a Ku Klux Klan-like hooded robe.

"Oh no, a robe! Cancel classes! Alert the F.B.I.! The White Devil is coming for us! The sky is falling!"

Local police say they responded to the report, but weren't able to find anyone wearing the hard-to-miss KKK garb. They did, however, discover a female walking with a blanket wrapped around her, suggesting the very real possibility that the eyewitness was mistaken.

Yeah, get the police on this possible robe-wearer. I should point out that no actual laws have been broken, yet we get investigations and the dinosaur media springing into action to report it. Contrast this response to how the system treats the typical black-on-White hush crimes. Then this already ridiculous incident turns out to be some overly-stimulated negro seeing "ghosts" that aren't actually there. Good grief.

The report of someone wearing a KKK robe near the college's Afrikan Heritage House was the final straw for school officials who had been dealing with a monthlong string of racial incidents on the campus. They quickly canceled classes in order to hold campus-wide events to discuss the matter, a decision that garnered national headlines yesterday.

Now the indoctrination must kick into overdrive. "Say it with me...the pilgrims were illegal immigrants...if you want your worthless diploma you're going to say it. Say it!" The fake "hate crimes" have their intended outcome of vilifying Whites and advancing the marxist agenda.

According to the Oberlin Review, the student-run campus newspaper, there have been at least a half-dozen such incidents since early February, including the scrawling of "nigger" on Black History Month materials, writing "Whites Only" above a school water fountain, and drawing a swastika on an LGBTQ poster.

Remember when colleges actually taught students how to think for themselves and gave them useful employment skills? Yeah, me neither. Instead we must thought-police some highly dubious incidents and use it as an excuse to grind more indignity into White students while stirring up the non-Whites, resulting in real crimes targeting White victims. Another victory for the nation-wreckers.

Some evil Whitey must have done this.

A woman wears a blanket and the entire kosher apparatus springs into action. Every day Whites are murdered and raped in racial attacks by non-White scum. Every day brown slime oozes over the southern border. Every day the money thugs print counterfeit cash, destroying our economy and enriching themselves in the process. These crimes against normal White America are ignored. We are being led to the slaughter. The time has come to stop feeding the monster and begin work on building a White nation. 


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