Detroit Collapse: Negro Judge Abuses Power

The mind of the "African American" struggles mightily with White concepts like justice, equality of opportunity but not outcome and the rule of law. In their alien culture these ideas are incomprehensible, all that matters is power in an endless struggle of all vs. all that destroys any nation unfortunate enough to have a significant amount of negroes. The staggering negro corruption in the city of Detroit is an object lesson and today we look at just one small aspect of this racial disaster.

Judge Bruce Morrow, who works in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice overseeing criminal cases, is accused of engaging in conduct that “demonstrates a lack of impartiality, failure to follow the law, an abuse of judicial power and violations of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct,” according to the complaint filed Wednesday.

If Obama had a brother...

The compliant accused Morrow of violating Michigan Constitution by not letting a victim’s family in courtroom during a first-degree murder case.

It also accuses him of failing to sentence a defendant to the required term in a drunken driving case, not remanding a defendant found guilty of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13 before sentencing, bringing a defendant out of lock up, sentencing him and returning him to lock up with no security in the courtroom and obtaining medical records of a defendant without the knowledge or consent of the man, his attorney or prosecutors.

African-style dysfunction in the heart of the U.S.S.A. A negro drunk on power, acting on whatever animal whim flashed through its pea-brain. We're only going to see more of this as Whites are exterminated and driven to society's margin. Western civilization is completely unsuited for the negro and attempts to insert them into it have been folly at best, intentional nation-wrecking at worst.

Crooked negro judge acted like a petty dictator. 

“The process must take its course,” a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office said. 

In the ruins of Detroit the process takes its course, the process of transforming a once White and prosperous city into an unlivable African hell-hole. In this Midwest Mogadishu the process is nearly finished. In other formerly White cities it lurches forward, fueled by White flight, speech and thought laws and the planned destruction of this country by the kosher communists.

Full Story.

Detroit is the future of America. As this the long dark night settles over a land built and maintained by Whites we'll see more ruins, more corruption, more crime, more "we dyin' here," and most of all more excuses. Anything but address racial realities, even when they're so obvious they might as well slap you across the face. The full collapse is coming and we need to be ready.


  1. Thanks Keiser, I would file that one under negro anti-soul. If negroes will do that to their own mother it isn't hard to imagine what they might do to "the White devil" the kosher media/educational complex has trained them to hate. We need to be armed and vigilant.

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  3. "We need to be armed and vigilant"

    Indeed I couldn't agree more and train yourselves in the use of firearms until it is all muscle memory and instant reaction. Sadly here in Europe we do not have your very clever 2nd Amendment (Thanks to T. Jefferson and the boys) so we must arm ourselves with information, insight and knowledge. Your blog and blogs like it help us to do that. So don't ever wonder if your message is getting out there, it is and thank you.

    I also agree with your philosophy that worse is not better and that it is a somewhat defeatist standpoint (although I do know some very intelligent people who hold that point of view). I think that the Kosher nation killers are working hard so we must too.

    They are now even starting to work here in Ireland!

    The misplaced minister - Ireland

    Kick the Neocons out. God bless White America.


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