Epic Cultural Marxist Fail: Inner Party Woman Tries Out For NFL

Men and women are exactly alike. So are the races. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary this is the official line of the kosher communists. The purpose of these lies is to destroy the family and encourage miscegenation, respectively. These lies work best when they're wrapped in fiction on the moron box and the wire-pullers can present intelligent and kindly negro doctors and "butt kicking" 102 pound women. Since the average Amerikwan sheep has a great deal of trouble distinguishing between semitic fantasy and the real world this strategy has been effective. Still, our enemies tend to overreach, sometimes making the mistake of trying to force the square peg of marxist narrative into the round hole that represents the world as it actually is. Sometimes the results are hilarious.

Lauren Silberman's bid to make the NFL consisted of two kickoffs totaling 30 yards, an aggravation of a quadriceps injury she said she initially suffered in training last week and a whole lot of wondering whether the entire thing was a promotional sham.

The NFL is both nation and religion for an appalling number of White males. It's also a cultural marxist sewer, packed full of criminal negroes and the occasional "slow" and "tight-hipped" White that overcomes massive, systemic anti-White racism to land a roster spot. In light of this obvious pro-negro bias it seems logical that a female jewess could fall off the turnip truck with neither experience nor talent and somehow make the team. With the full force of the inner party, Frankfurt school nation-wreckers and the marxist dinosaur media declaring this an "inspiration" how could she possibly fail?

Your shipment of fail has arrived.

Her first kick from the 35-yard line — after it took her more than 20 seconds to place the ball on the tee — was a line drive that barely crossed midfield. The second one didn't get past the 50.

A typical NFL kicker will put the ball in or near the other team's end zone, 65 yards away. How delusional does someone have to be to think this nonsense was worth the time and trouble? 

Silberman, who landed awkwardly after her first attempt, then asked if she could see a trainer.

Perform pathetic kick, get hurt in the process. Here's the "epic" to go with your "fail," jew.

And what about those kickoffs? "They certainly didn't go as far as they were in practices," she said. "The distance wasn't there, but hopefully the scouts will notice my technique. It's not always length."

The problem is in professional sports, unlike a government job such as community organizer or president, results still do count for something. Yes, there is an anti-White agenda at work, but you still need to have *some* actual ability. Law school and a career of nuisance "racism" lawsuits might work out better for you, Yentl.

Three other participants in Sunday's workout said Silberman asked multiple male kickers how to properly approach the ball for kickoffs. The participants spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because they didn't want to hurt their chances of getting another tryout with a team.

You have to laugh. "No, don't ask the White Male Patriarchy for help! You'll succeed because we're all equal and we're building a country where there's equality of opportunity AND outcome!" It's hard to imagine a better metaphor for today's U.S.S.A. than some jewess shanking a ball fifteen yards. All that's missing is a panel of kosher "experts" to explain to the cattle that she really did a great job and we're still the best country on earth and everything is fine and all the other lies. 

As a pathetic coda to this bizarre story I should mention that Silberman thought she'd do well because of her extensive video game experience. By that rationale I should be absolutely deadly with a sword and bow and should be able to cast magical spells. Only 2013 Amerikwa could produce nonsense like this. Turn off the sports, White Man, it's just another weapon being used in your genocide. Wake up and start planning for the collapse. Like a Silberman kickoff the hopes of the communists awkwardly fall to the turf. We're going to have to pick up that ball and run with it once it drops.


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