European Sharia: White European Jailed For Blasphemy

Our White homelands are being lost to a kosher invasion of genetic, cultural and religious aliens. In the United Kaliphate Whites have fled Londonistan leaving it in the hands of jihadans and criminal negro animals. In El-France large areas have been annexed by radical islam and the semitic government seems more concerned with destroying the remaining Whites than addressing the death of a nation. In Germanistan dhimmitude is the order of the day and Orwellian laws prevent any opposition to the planned destruction of White Germans. We all know about the cartoons in Denmarkkyid. Now the latest outrage: islamic blasphemy laws enforced by the feckless and treasonous government of Belgiumohad.

A Bruges, Belgium criminal court convicted a man for shredding a Koran on March 6, 2013.  The court imposed a four-month prison sentence and a 600 euro fine upon him.

A book full of desert god gibberish has more value than the lives of White Europeans. We don't want to insult the islamic horde that is being used as a biological weapon. The long marxist campaign against Whites advances.

There Arne exchanged words with a dozen Muslims and tore apart a Koran before them.  As described in a Belgian press account, Arne’s counsel at trial claimed that the Muslims had thrown the “sacred book” at Arne, striking him in the head.

All are equal, but some are more equal. Bad behavior from the protected classes that goes against the  narrative must be ignored. Whites must be punished for every infraction, real or imagined.

Invaders demand tolerance.

Arne’s case demonstrates that Belgium, like many other European countries, has laws against what is commonly called “hate speech.”  In particular, Article 22 of the Belgian Law of May 10, 2007, Aiming to Struggle Against Certain Forms of Discrimination, prohibits incitement of hatred, discrimination, violence, and/or segregation against persons of various protected classes in public settings.

Protected classes would be anyone except the Whites that are actually native to Europe and built these countries. Yes, the brown welfare colonists are considered more important in the eyes of the law. Notice the Orwellian language with allows pretty much any speech or act in opposition to the jihad to be punished. Again, a White man is being jailed for what he did to a book. A book that was thrown at him. 

Now that Muslim communities have established themselves in an often politically correct modern Europe, rejection of Islam is no longer a merely academic matter involving distant peoples.  Precisely the proximity of Islam to Europe, however, demands unfettered critical evaluation of this faith now more than ever.

Or to put it more succinctly: diversity + proximity = conflict. No sane person can argue against this obvious truth. No legitimate, actually representative government would try to test it.

Africans have Africa. Asians have Asia. Muslims have the Middle East. Mexicans have Mexico. Whites have nothing. We are expected to shared are nations with any piece of human waste that slithers over a border or paddles across a body of water. We must give them welfare and preferences. We must honor their alien culture and religion. We must interbreed for the good of the future. This is the madness of the modern world, the end result of the jewish century. We must restore our White homelands. It's that or extinction. 


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