Negro "Witch Doctor" Murders, Cooks White Victim in South African Horror

The dinosaur media takes great pains to avoid talking about the White genocide in South Africa, a genocide that becomes inevitable whenever negroes are the majority of the population and are handed political power by the kosher nation-wreckers. The obvious reason for this silence is that telling the truth about racial reality is strictly forbidden in the U.S.S.A. and other formerly White nations. A less obvious but equally important reason is that when we gaze into the African Heart of Darkness we're looking into the very near future of the West. First Whites flee, then there's no where left to run. Then the slaughter begins, fueled by low intelligence, racial jealousy and animal instinct. The results are ugly.

An African witchdoctor from the country of Lesotho was found boiling body parts belonging to a murdered white South African farmer when he was arrested, a court in South Africa has heard.

As reported in the Afrikaans-language newspaper Volksblad, Moeketsi Hopolong Mokoena (34), a witchdoctor (a profession also called a “traditional healer”) was busy cooking the body parts of Jan van Wyk (82) of the farm Jakkalsfontein, when a private security company swooped on the murder scene.

Elderly vulnerable White victim murdered and cooked by a negro savage. Coming soon to a former White nation near you.

According to the charge sheet read before the court, Mokoena started off by asking for food at a farmhouse owned by Basie and Mary Venter, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) away from the Van Wyk farmhouse.

While Mary Venter was kindly preparing some food for the black man, she heard the farm dogs start barking. Running outside, she saw Mokoena beating her 65-year-old husband to death with an iron bar.

Whites are the only race that cares about anything other than our own interest. We're the only race that cares about "justice" and "fairness" toward other races. This unique weakness has been exploited over and over by our enemies. We have to protect our own. No more concern for genetic aliens that will murder us as soon as they have the upper hand.

The house had been ransacked and was smeared in blood. Van Wyk’s severely mutilated body was found in the living room. A further search of the house revealed the pots in the kitchen where Mokoena was busy cooking body parts in apparent preparation for some ritual witchdoctor feast.

The negro anti-soul. We can live with these demonic retards or we can have a free society that actually functions. We can't have both.

More than 3,000 white South African farmers have been murdered in the most brutal fashion since 1994, and the attacks often involve mutilations and torture which, if they occurred anywhere else in the world, would be major headlines for weeks.

A comparison with the American Trayvon Martin Case—where a black hoodlum was shot dead by a Hispanic in Florida, serves to illustrate the media’s twisted and anti-European bias.

I really don't have anything to add to that. The New Observer is an excellent, White friendly site that deserves your support.

Our own version of the "traditional healer."
Many Whites operate under the highly flawed assumption that if we just give up all political power and allow ourselves to be completely marginalized then the brown monsters that walk among us will stop hating us and leave us alone. You'd think an idea this obviously at odds with reality wouldn't even need to be refuted, but with the tireless efforts of Big jew to bury stories of White victimization you can see how a communist mind-washing victim might come to this conclusion. It's our job to wake up the White race to reality. We are being targeted for extinction. Our enemies won't be happy until the last White man goes into a negro stew pot. White Nationalism is our only hope. 


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