Racism Blamed For Negro Pathology in Chicago

The past sixty-plus years have seen an unprecedented attempt to somehow transform the negro into a reasonable facsimile of something you'd find on the left-hand side of the White bell curve. Special laws and protections, endless money and the constant need to blame Whites have resulted in absolutely zero progress in getting the average negro to abide by the very modest standards of a person living in a civilized nation. If anything, the "African American" behavior today is far worse than a generation ago. Instead of admitting there is such a thing as racial differences we get more lies and excuses. The rot continues, a nation destroyed by a foolish and ill-conceived effort to alter genetic reality.

Racism: Facing a billion-dollar budget shortfall, the Chicago Public Schools' plan to close 54 schools, mostly in black and low-income neighborhoods, forces many students to cross gang boundaries to get a mediocre education.

Racism: Facing cultural and genetic aliens with a 15 point I.Q. shortfall our criminal government forces many Whites to live near this failed branch of humanity and to pay ridiculous taxes to fund its predictable failure.

Shuffling children around like so many deck chairs on a sinking ship, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced the closings as a cost-cutting move, with CPS officials arguing that money being spent to keep underutilized schools open could be better used to educate students elsewhere as the district deals with a $1 billion budget deficit.

African School Economics. As Whites flee the urban rot, the tax money needed to run the public schmuels vanishes. All that remains is trying to move the skinnies and maybe find another way to make Whitey pay for this nonsense.

The Associated Press notes, "many of the schools identified for closure are in high-crime areas where gang violence contributed to a marked increase in Chicago's homicide rate last year." These schools are in "overwhelmingly black and in low-income neighborhoods."

I'm sure it's just a crazy coincidence that crime, gang violence and "diversity" always seem tied to each other. It's probably White racists, the legacy of slavery, Jim Crowe, pilgrims or gun owners causing this.

This is not the hope and change we were promised, lament local residents, who say the planned closings smack of racism. "I don't see any Caucasians being moved, bussed or murdered in the streets as they travel along gang lines, or stand on the steps of a CPS school," said activist Wendy Matil Pearson as opponents of the school closing plans protested outside a school in Chicago's Austin neighborhood.

El Oh El. The funny thing, Wendy, is that in areas that are predominantly "Caucasian" you don't have "gang lines" or rampant crime or schools that are little more than practice prisons. Even an "activist" and probable communist can't be naive enough to think negroes are just over-cooked Whites. We're different, we're not equal and we deserve our own lands and governments.

I can't believe dumb negroes, may-hee-can scum and debased Whites elected me!

Recently Janay McFarlane, 18, was killed just hours after her younger sister was among a group of teens who were onstage as President Barack Obama gave a speech in Chicago on gun violence. Destini McFarlane, 14, sat just feet away as the president spoke of a similar murder of Hadiya Pendleton.

Even the magic half-breed is powerless against negro dysfunction.

Whites are always to blame for negro failure, despite the fact that we've done more for them than could be reasonably expected by any sane individual. All these efforts are wasted, ruined by alien D.N.A. and low I.Q. We can't share a nation with these living fossils. We need our own White Nations.


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