White Family Man Murdered By "Teens"

I was hoping at least a few more days would pass before I'd have to discuss another appalling and senseless negro murder of a White victim, but that's not going to happen. Maybe I should just be happy that this time the victim wasn't a baby in a stroller, but today's example of why negroes have no place in White nations is almost as horrific and equally senseless. Releasing these monsters on us is nothing short of planned genocide committed by our criminal, illegitimate government, the kosher media and the anti-White educational system. I'm angry at the moronic dog shit that commits these crimes, but even more angry at a system that encourages them.

Three 17-year-olds were charged Monday in the shooting death of a truck driver from Arlington who was delivering ingredients to a Papa John's restaurant in Oklahoma.

More reprehensible behavior from "teens." The undeclared, one-sided race war continues.

Robert Horton, 53, had worked for Papa John's as a truck driver for UPS for about eight years, his family said. UPS contracts with Papa John's. Horton was delivering dough and other items to a restaurant in Tulsa on Saturday morning when police say he was shot twice in the chest.

A hard working and decent White man brutally murdered for no good reason by genetic and cultural aliens. A silent media and government "leadership" that's more concerned with pushing the sodomite agenda than the coming collapse of the U.S.S.A.

Obama's kids killed a White man.

The apparent motive was robbery, even though the suspects didn't get a penny, police said.

Combine a propensity to violence, lack of future orientation and an entire standard deviation in I.Q. below the White average and this is the inevitable outcome. More "robbery gone wrong," more dead Whites, more excuses, lies and distractions.

Damian Anderson, Jermaine Savory and Frankie Jackson, all 17, face first-degree murder charges. They are suspected of other recent robberies, police said.

We are forced to live next to these dangerous animals. This is madness.

This piece of dog shit is allowed to live in a White country.

"I don't care what they say, my baby didn't do this," Lashon Anderson said.

"Oh lawdy, he done shot de debil. Dis be races."

Mansfield said she and her family have strong faith and hold no grudges against the young suspects. "I just can't come to be angry," she said. "I am not angry."

Our enemy has learned to turn our virtues: forgiveness, a desire for justice and fairness, etc. against us. Only Whites are expected to "forgive" and not get "angry" at the endless pathology of a failed branch of humanity. If you've been paying attention and you're not angry, something is seriously wrong with you. We are being targeted for destruction. We need to act to protect ourselves from criminal savages that hate us. We need to be armed and ready. We need to avoid the negro areas whenever possible. Most of all, we need our own racial self-determination.

Horton was married to his wife, Lisa, for 30 years and had two children and six grandchildren.

Murdered by simian garbage. Motive: hate.

There will be no marches on the capital for Robert Horton, no White "civil rights" leaders demanding justice, no condemnation from the president. Only the memory hole and "please forgive these worthless brown animals." Another White life lost for no reason, no lessons learned. Until we wake up and regain control of our own destiny this will quietly continue. I've had enough. How about you? 


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