White Notices Racial Reality, Is Attacked By Racist Marxists

Race is the elephant in the room, the subject that must never be addressed, even as our nation commits demographic suicide. We must not notice the criminality and dysfunction of the American negro. We must not notice the invasion of may-hee-cans destroying our national identity and creating a permanent alien underclass. We must not notice the influence wielding by the jew in the media, government and economic sphere out of all proportion to their actual percentage of the population and how they use that power to push kosher communism and the destruction of White nations. That's hate. You don't want to hate, do you?

In Philadelphia, a city that has been besieged by pre-teen negro criminals and is following the same predictable pattern of decay and collapse of every large American city, a White writer noticed the truth. Well, sort of. Like anything from the dinosaur media it was full of euphemism and plausible deniability but even that is considered a threat to the planned demolition of America. He must be punished, apologies must be extracted, Whites must be blamed. The marxist apparatus springs into action.

Philadelphia Magazine editor Tom McGrath and Robert Huber, author of the controversial "Being White in Philly" cover story, faced their critics at a forum Monday night at the National Constitution Center. 

The criticism, of course, can be summarized by negroes screeching "that races" and "the White man be da debil." Certainly no one can seriously argue that negro pathology isn't a serious problem. All that's left is appeals to emotion and general hooting and hollering.

McGrath opened by saying he was sorry to anybody who was hurt by the article, because that was not his intent, but adding that he did not regret publishing the story in the March issue.

Rule Number One for arguing White Nationalism: Never apologize, give ground or lose your frame. Our enemies already have the full weight of the corrupt system on their side. Show any weakness and you're done.

In his piece, Huber wrote: "We need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in Philadelphia - white people talking to other whites, and black people to blacks - but a city in which it is OK to speak openly about race."

The "progressive" always wants a "dialogue," as opposed to actually addressing the problem with action. As wimpy and weaselly as the above is, it still offended the protected classes and must be shouted down. The controlled media does not want to hear from us. The target of planned genocide must be silenced, then destroyed.

"Why is you so races, honky debil?"

The story, however, was criticized as dwelling on negative experiences that whites had with blacks that often fit into racial stereotypes.

I think the time has come to admit that so-called "stereotypes" have been confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt when it comes to the negro. 

In a scathing letter, Mayor Nutter last week requested that the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission consider whether the magazine and Huber deserved to be rebuked for the article.

More like the Human Relations Kommissar. Scumbag criminals are actually being paid tax payer money to preform witch-hunts for Wrong Think.

Nutter said Huber ignored positive anecdotes "to feed his own misguided perception" that African Americans are "lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal."

"Why you not be talkin' bout da bruva dat dunk de bassetball? Dat be a pos-tiv ant-dote."

She also repeatedly said the magazine and its critics were confusing issues of race with problems associated with being poor.

Epic Cultural Marxist Fail.

When McGrath was questioned about his staff's lack of diversity, he replied, "I'm committed to having a more diverse staff," and, "I am committed to do something."

Epic "conservative" fail. I thought race didn't exist and it was all "poor people" destroying our cities. What exactly does "diverse" even mean? Identical looking and behaving 85 I.Q. monsters?

Several participants noted that Monday was the fifth anniversary of President Obama's famous Constitution Center speech on race, after his 2008 campaign was rocked by the Jeremiah Wright controversy.

A speech that consisted mainly of the same tired "White man bad" nonsense we've been hearing from the marxists for over half a century.

McGrath said the process of guiding the story to publication and the subsequent reaction was "enlightening to me."

I'm sure it was. I'm also sure you're eager to get back to telling comforting lies and cashing your paycheck for that. This whole "telling the truth" thing isn't profitable and people yell at me. No more of that. Maybe I'll write an article about the vibrancy of rap music or how mexicans are natural conservatives.

Full Story.

No one currently in the dinosaur media is going to speak up for White Nationalism. This is why we fight the real battle on the internet, awakening our people one White at a time, hammering on the truth until even the careerist coward has to take notice. Even now the communist lies are getting harder and harder to pass off on the average White. We are winning the war of ideas. The truth doesn't need to be protected by "speech laws" and Stalinist government offices. It wins because it's the truth. After the rotten system collapses we will have White nations. 


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