Another Negro Serial Killer Caught

Only Whites are serial or mass shooting killers. Like most of the noxious gasses that escape the bloated corpse of the dinosaur media there's no truth to it. Just more propaganda and lies, like the endless parade of White criminals presented by fictional programing on the electronic synagogue. On the talmudvision the negro is the heroic doctor and lawyer and of course there's plenty of wise latinas and light of the world jews. Back in reality a piece of negro garbage killed dozens of women.

Officials from at least two states say the Alachua County Sheriff's Office has provided key help to authorities prosecuting a man suspected of killing dozens of women across the United States over the course of decades, including victims in Alachua and Marion counties.

The "man" in question is another dangerous brown monster unleashed on us by the marxist powers that be.

All the women Little is suspected of killing were beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled to death, some only days apart. The victims also lived high-risk lifestyles, making them easier targets for the transient Little, authorities said.

The chosen people are probably hard at work on a script right now "based on this story." Little will suddenly become a White man. Ripped from the headlines.

Negro beast preyed on vulnerable women.

Four days after Little was seen leaving a Gainesville bar with Mount, a woman in Pascagoula was found beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled in a similar manner. Her name was Melinda LaPree and she had given birth just three weeks earlier.

This animal committed horrific crimes for years. What was it doing in a White nation?

The unit was so busy that last year ASO hired retired Fort Lauderdale homicide and cold case detective Kevin Allen to work solely on ASO cold cases.

Just like that show on the moron box, except for the racial demographics, of course.

Another negro serial killer, another "cold case" to put down the memory hole or distort and lie about. Please keep sleeping, Whitey, don't question the anti-White nonsense that spews out of the dinosaur media. This is just another example of why the internet is so important for getting out the truth. Negroes are dangerous. We need to be armed and vigilant. We need to protect our women. Most of all, we need our own nations.


  1. Interesting that there are no comments. No doubt, people fear the government and the press working as a "Thought Police" in tracking the identities of anyone who dares express ambiguously racist views. As for my beliefs, I have long felt that African Americans can do anything as well as white folks can, including winning the US presidency, Wimbledon, Grammies, and committing gruesome serial murders.


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