Immigration Reform Amnesty Looms Large, Mud Flood Continues

The planned demolition of the U.S.S.A., the ultimate inside job carried out by kosher elites and their useful idiots, is nearly complete. The destruction of the family, of shared cultural identity and vision and of the economy and currency has been accomplished. Now the stage is set for White genocide, to replace the population with identical looking and behaving "diversity," the formless mass of easily ruled brown slaves. If you are reading this you will see this happen in your lifetime. The death of a nation begins its end game as alien scum rushes across an undefended border, eager to feast on the corpse of America. Mere ineptitude could never account for such an unmitigated disaster. The marxist pawns in our criminal, illegitimate government have been planning this for nearly a century and now the destruction of White nations looms large.

"We've seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talk started happening," an agent told Townhall, who asked to remain unnamed due to fears of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. "A lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons.  This is a direct danger to our communities."

This is how it ends, not with the spectacular dignity of mushroom clouds and violent armageddon but with a silent demographic disaster, a disaster carefully planned by the communist wire-pullers. A nation can not endure half-slave and half-free. As the slave population (White taxpayers) shrinks and the cancerous mass of welfare colonists grows the collapse becomes inevitable. Cause of death: suicide.

Data obtained by Townhall and reported within CBP from February 5 through March 1, 2013 shows 504 illegal aliens were spotted exploiting the Tucson/Nogales area, 189 were caught on CBP intelligence cameras.  Of those 504, only 174 were apprehended and 32 of the 189 on camera were carrying large drug load packs for Mexican cartels. Some were armed with AK-47 style weapons.

Engineers, chemists, doctors and other wise latinos, here for a better life. Carrying the drugs Americans won't carry over an undefended border, armed to the teeth with Eric Holder weapons. Natural conservatives, here for a better life.

Ey vato loco, I has advanced degree in technology, I theeenk.

Another agent expressed the same sentiment, saying when apprehended, some illegal aliens ask where they can go to find amnesty.

Might as well. Show them the way to the welfare office, give them an Obongo Card for free medical care, let the White sucker pick up the bill.

Eric Holder weapons in the hands of natural conservatives.

Despite border security being put further at risk through bad policy, the push for immigration reform well before full border security is ongoing. The AFL-CIO reached a deal with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on a guest worker program late last Friday.

Obviously these swine have the best interests of the nation as a whole first in their minds.

Amnesty, cowardice and national suicide leads to a fresh wave of brown invaders. Who could have predicted that? We were assured by Juan McCohen and other paycheck conservatives that this latest outrage would solve all our problems, just like every previous failed "immigration reform" that made big promises about secured borders and delivered nothing but more foreign attack. Soon the full Soviet-style collapse will come. After that, we must secure a White nation. 


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