Man Attacked By "Teens" For Being White, Dinosaur Media Skeptical

We are told by the marxist wire-pullers that the negro constantly faces "discrimination" in the U.S.S.A. This discrimination apparently occurs in between the endless preferences in education and employment, hand-outs, pandering, and cowardly refusal to address their pathologies. When a negro claims to have been a victim of racially-motivated crime the dinosaur media is quick to accept it and turn it into a "teachable moment," even though these incidents almost always turn out to be lies. When a White is a victim of a negro swarm attack, attacks that are increasingly common in our dying nation, the same obsolete reporters that credulously accept any negro tall-tale that fits the anti-White agenda suddenly are full of doubts. Then it goes down the memory hole.

Louisville Metro Police are investigating an alleged attack at a park in Okolona. The man who says he was assaulted by a group of teens says he was targeted because of his race.

Summer is months away and the negro pack attacks are already piling up. Note the choice of words. It's an "alleged attack" in need of investigation. The attackers are, of course, "teens." Now imagine if the races were reversed. Would we get "Rufus Jackson alleges that he was attacked by young people. He says it was because of his race, but you know how people make things up." Obviously, that would not be the case. The story would be front page news, Whites would be vilified, President Soetoro would lecture us, we'd be told it's important to give up rights to prevent this from happening again. When the victim is White, which is the case in the overwhelming percentage of incidents, suddenly it isn't important.

Negroes attacking Whites for racial reasons? Could it possibly be true?

“I was attacked because I am white,” Joseph Roundtree said.

Another White victim of undeclared, one-sided race war that is currently entering a new, more violent stage in the land of the fee and the home of the slave. We need to be armed and aware of the danger.

“I was walking through the park. I had just gotten out of my car I was walking through the park. They come over there and attack me they were playing basketball it was in broad daylight. It was 5 p.m.,” Roundtree said.

As our nation collapses these sort of attacks will become more and more common. Whites attacked for being White by 85 I.Q. animals. 

That's what he says, but we doubt it.

He says a group of African American teens came after him at Okolona Park and stole his cash and cell phones.

That's how the "African American" typically behaves all right. The content of their character.

Some at the park were surprised to hear the alleged assault. “I have seen teenagers up here a lot. I have never seen any trouble. That kind of does surprise me,” Aral Michalow who plays basketball at the park said.

These violent, hate-filled thugs are good kids, turning their lives around. Future "bassetbawl" players and chemists and rappers. If you're surprised by this sort of negro pathology you're obviously isolated from the real world. 

Police are now trying to get to the bottom of what happened and who is responsible.

A difficult case worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Who could it have possibly been? 

Next stop, the memory hole. We can't have Whites waking up to racial realities or realizing we're being targeted for destruction. This is why the internet is so important to our cause, in telling the truth about race and warning our fellow Whites about the secret genocide currently ongoing. It's only going to get worse in the summer. Be ready.


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