Massive Negro Wilding in Philadelphia Results in a Few "False" Arrests

In many parts of the U.S.S.A. it's still below freezing, but another summer of dark mobs is already here. It started in in Chicago with brown beasts attacking oblivious Whites on a religious holiday. Now it happened in Philadelphia. Hundreds of "youths" and "adults" ran amok. The behavior of the negro continues to worsen, they continue to become bolder in their pathology. What is going to happen when summer comes? If you're White, you should already be prepared.

Four young adults and 10 juveniles have been formally charged in the mob disturbance in Center City on Tuesday.

I guess we should be happy any arrests were made at all. Rule of law collapses in the face of dark swarms, replaced by African all against all.

District Attorney Seth Williams' office said 10 juveniles were charged with conspiracy, obstructing highways, failure to disperse and disorderly conduct. Four 18-year-old - Mitchell Symeir, Tymere Wilder, Rashaun Green, and Kenyatta Long - also were charged as adults with the same offenses.

No race is given in the article, per the usual marxist rules. Luckily, we have pictures.

The very appropriately named Tymere Wilder.

Kenyatta Long, genetic and cultural alien.

Parents awaiting closed-door detention hearings for the juveniles at the Youth Study Center said they believed their children were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and not engaged in any disturbance.

"Rashuan be a good boy, he dinna do nuffin. Dis be da rong place at da rong tie. He finnin to be a nuke-u-lar fizz-ist or a rapper. I hate da wite debil."

"I just don't understand," Dwayne Louis said. "It was a mass of people, 500-plus people. You can't disperse so fast. ... That's why they were locked up: They weren't moving fast enough."

Next time maybe throw a giant net over the brown mass? Then maybe mail the entire mess third class to Africa? 

Shaka Johnson, a lawyer representing a boy and a girl who were arrested, said, "It seems some young men and some young women were obviously detained in error."

Yeah, obviously. The system is clearly "races" against worthless criminal negroes. These are good kids, turning their lives around. Future doctors and "bassetbawl" players, all.
Dorsey said police would beef up their presence in the area to make sure the incident was not repeated. "This is beautiful weather," she said. "We want people to have fun."

Summer cancelled due to negro malfunction. We need a police state just to insure basic civility.

Full Article. 

We can have a free and open society or we can have the "diversity" of identical brown slime. Not both. Right now our criminal government has gone all out to push White genocide and the result has been endless negro mobs, the destruction of our cities, the decline in the quality of life and national bankruptcy and collapse. We can learn the obvious lessons or stay asleep and hope the rot never reaches us. I've made my choice. White Nationalism, the only answer to the race problem.


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