Natural Conservatives: May-hee-can Illegal Denied Underage Sex, Murders Mother

Everyone agrees that more illegal immigration is good for America. For the marxist it serves the purpose of displacing and destroying Whites while creating a permanent underclass that accepts tyranny and can be easily ruled as long as the hand-outs keep coming. For the liberal it's some sort of perverse atonement for imagined sins of the past and a chance to show just how open-minded and anti-racist they are. For the conservative it means cheap burritos. I guess. There's a reason we call it the Loser Party.

The average person that isn't blinded by ideology is a much harder sell for the idea of bringing in an endless flood of squat brown garbage. This is why we see the endless lies, manipulation of language, more lies, and the constant threat of be declared "racist" by the criminals in charge. Stories of illegal dysfunction are given the same treatment as those dealing with negro dysfunction, for the same reasons. It's my job to bring these stories to light.

Authorities say an argument ensued after the suspect, 25-year-old Jose Zarate, went to 31-year-old Maria Saucedo's home around 9:30 p.m. When the two began fighting about Zarate wanting to have a romantic relationship with Saucedo's 13-year-old daughter, he pulled out a rifle and shot her in the chest at close range -- in the presence of the teen.

The family values and general decency of the may-hee-can welfare colonist. Here for better underage girls, good people committing the statutory rapes that American citizens won't. Then he murdered a woman. This human sewage was unleashed on us by our illegitimate government.

"Ey, I like that young chicken...and voting for Mitt Romney, I theeenk."

Deputy Joaquin Enriquez stated, "Sheriff's deputies say Zarate is a non-U.S. citizen who has been living in the country without proper authorization."

There's the surprise of the century. Another decent foreign national, probably with an engineering degree, forced to live in fear of immigration laws that aren't enforced. Then he was denied the basic human right of raping a girl just out of grade school. Another "heart-rending" immigrant tale. Please, Missuh O-bomber, give them the amnesty. 

We have lost our national identity, culture and shared vision. In their place are the "protected groups" fighting over who gets to loot what and the White tax-paying chump footing the bill for this nonsense. This new slavery can not last, collapse is now inevitable. When the U.S.S.A. goes down it will be replaced with a White nation and Jose will be removed.


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