Negroes Batter La-Teen-Ohs in Public School Tribal Warfare

"Diversity," defined as identical looking and behaving brown sewage, is our greatest strength. Whether it's the light of the world, the religion of peace, the hard-working natural conservatives from south of the open border or the "African American" we are constantly enriched by the presence of these alien, combustible elements. When they're not enriching Whites, they seem more than content to add spice and soul to each other, including public schmuel gladiator fights.

Two eighth grade students are now recovering from a terrifying attack in Queens. The girls were jumped by a mob of high school students in Astoria and the fight was all caught on video.

Public schools are child abuse. Nothing of value is taught there, instead the next generation of brown slaves is prepared.

The girls were jumped by a mob of high school students in Astoria and the fight was all caught on video. Cellphone cameras were rolling as a wild mob scene broke out in Astoria Park on Friday. Stuck in the middle was 14-year-old Samatha Gonzalez, seen on the video in a black and white striped shirt.

A black pack attack directed at non-Whites? Let's look at a picture.

Light-skinned meskins mistaken for Whites, swarmed by negro garbage.

Campos said the same group of high school-aged girls jumped her the day before and warned her they’d be back for more. This time boys were throwing punches, too. Campos’ face was bloodied and bruised.

Another vibrant cultural exchange. These are worthless animals.

Big chimping up in N.Y.C.

No arrests were made.

I know, I was surprised too.

This is the future of America once Whites have been driven to society's margins. Black and brown monsters attacking each other because of slight differences in appearance, especially if those difference remind them of the "White Debil." Remove the protective hand of Whites and this is what remains, an all against all. This sort of mess will have no place in the White nation we are going to build. A better future is coming.  


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