As the West Dies Whites Are Targeted By Authorities

Everything is always the fault of Whites. This is the key to unlocking the propaganda of the dinosaur media and the actions of our jew-infiltrated, marxist, illegitimate governments. Brown scum runs wild? Must be White racism. Africa-style violence aimed at Whites? We caused it by being racist. Brown sewage flooding into a country and demanding special rights? Only a racist would oppose that. The West literally burning, Whites being murdered, sharia law, beheadings, the death of entire White nations. Racism, hate, thought crime, White privilege, "Not-Sees," White "hooligans," the precious six million turned to soap, etc.

Faced by another night of terror at the hands of predominantly immigrant rioters, Swedes grown tired of the police’s inability to put an end to the unrest took to the streets Friday night to defend their neighborhoods.   

Abandoned and sold out by their own government and police force White heroes make a stand against the alien invaders, the human garbage allowed in to destabilize, to mongrelize, to destroy. This inevitable showdown is coming soon to all White nations.

The vigilantes were described as a motley crew of homeowners and concerned citizens, as well as neo-Nazi activists and football hooligans.

This is how I imagine the final news report to read right before the collapse. One last pathetic gasp of kosher  name-calling. The patriots that stood up in the darkest hour become a "motley crew" made up of "not-sees" and criminals. No condemnation of the negro hordes, of course. They're the victims. Even as they close their brown paws around your neck, they're the victims.

In the Stockholm suburb of Tumba the police decided to abandon their earlier non-intervention policy as a large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.

"Let the mud-slimes run wild, but if any Whites try to defend themselves arrest them!" This is the destructive, evil madness that we're up against. Sweden is going up like a funeral pyre, arrest the Whites.

"It makes me sick to see the police clamp down on us Swedes with full force and without warning, using nightsticks and tear gas, while they don’t do a damn thing about the immigrants. We are only trying to help maintain order, while the immigrants set cars and buildings on fire," said a young man who wished to remain anonymous.

Our tolerant, multicultural paradise.

Living fossils from the African sewer riot in a White nation. Whites are punished. Cultural marxism and the ultimate goal of White Genocide combine to create a surreal mess. Meanwhile, in the United Kaliphate thought crime is being aggressively punished. 

The murder of soldier Lee Rigby has provoked a backlash of anger across the UK, including the attacking of mosques, racial abuse and comments made on social media.

A White person types "I don't like immigration" into social media. This is a "backlash of anger."

Eleven people have been arrested around Britain for making 'racist or anti-religious' comments on Twitter following the brutal killing in Woolwich on Wednesday.

As Britianistan circles the drain the Orwellian nightmare continues. Having a thought not approved by the ruling criminals is now an arrestable offense. 

The incident has also prompted a huge increase in anti-Muslim incidents, according to the organisation Faith Matters, which works to reduce extremism.

Extremism is defined as anything that opposes the dispossession and ultimate destruction of Whites.

A force spokesman said 'We have received a number of reports from local members of the public about tweets and Facebook comments that could potentially incite racial hatred and violence.

Spy on your neighbors! Report what you hear to the kommissars!

'People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious.'

Please shut up and die, Whitey.

We are in a war for our own survival against an enemy that has an almost incomprehensible hatred for us. There goal is to simply outlaw all dissent, even as our nations disintegrate into warring brown factions. We must tell the truth and confront the lies. We've seen the full ugliness of the globalist agenda laid bare. This is what we're opposing. The only answer is White Nationalism. 


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