Flags of Our Failures

You'd think it was Halloween with the non-White "House of Horror" stories we've been hearing lately. First there was negro abortionist Kermit Gosnell and his appalling example of the negro anti-soul. As his trial drags on to massive media indifference it seems there is no bottom floor when it comes to the depravity of a deranged monster who blamed "racism." The marxist powers that be have decided this story will be buried by the dinosaur media, a strategy that might have been effective twenty years ago. Today, it's a lot harder to lie, but that doesn't dissuade the criminals in power.

Consider the la-teen-oh house where three abducted girls were terrorized for a decade by "natural conservatives." The timing is bad, considering the bi-partisan suicide pact to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal invaders is currently stalling out in congress. We can't have normal America questioning the browning of our nation via immigration, so every possible communist trick must be deployed. Tricks like removing an embarrassing flag from a crime scene.

 Maybe we can get them to vote Republican.

Yes, a flag. It's almost hard to believe such a petty, Soviet-style lie was attempted, especially knowing they would ultimately be caught. It all started with this video.

Let's look at some pictures.

Gave proof through the systematic raping, that our flag was still there...

It started with one of our kosher wire-pullers noticing the offending flag. Word was then dispatched to some careerist police administrator to fix the situation and the average officer intentionally did a poor job, as indicated in the "after" picture so that this petty, pathetic kosher hoax would be uncovered.

Before the cover-up.

 After fixing the "two flags one pole" intentional mix-up.

If they would lie to us over something as innocuous as a scrap of cloth that represents an American territorial possession and not a foreign nation, you really have to wonder how many other deceits we're being fed by the marxist apparatus. You have to wonder about the countless highly suspicious incidents that all serve to advance an agenda. 

We need to spread this far and wide. This is the communist nation we've become, the U.S.S.A. Facts manipulated to suit an agenda, Pravda-style lies from the dinosaur media. Freedom is dying, being replaced with a controlled narrative, a 1984 nightmare of double-think and right-think. Awake Whites are the only thing standing between this tyranny and complete victory and that is why we're being targeted for destruction. Get the word out, Whitey.


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