Game Over

The behavior of the negro never changes, whether it's in the African all vs. all, the Swedish free range muslim colony, The United Kaliphate, Detroit Rot City or the Chicago Plantation or anywhere else. The innate foreign genetics that separate the negro from Whites and indeed all of humanity, lead to the same predictable failure wherever they gather in number. The obvious solution is their removal. The current solution is to ignore the pathology as much as possible and hope it simply goes away, even as it steadily worsens.

Six-month-old Jonylah Watkins was fatally shot over a stolen video game console, Chicago police said Monday as they announced an arrest in a slaying that has come to symbolize the city's deadly gun culture.

"Gun culture" blamed for 85 I.Q. idiocy. For some reason we never hear about the deadly gun culture of Switzerland or rural South Dakota. This latest pathetic crime symbolizes the city's deadly negro culture, the content of their character.

Authorities charged Koman Willis, 33, with killing the infant and shooting her father while they sat parked in a minivan in the Woodlawn neighborhood on March 11. A bullet entered Jonylah's right shoulder and traveled down through her left thigh. She died the following day. Her father, Jonathan Watkins, survived multiple gunshot wounds.

"Jonylah," risible as it is, isn't even in the top hundred worst negro names. Thanks to the "R Strategy" practiced by the "African American" this loss means nothing. The "baby daddy" will get right back to "concubining" as soon as his wounds heal, which hopefully they won't. Meanwhile successful Whites aren't having any children to save the "environment." There is no greater threat to the environment than being outnumbered by simian garbage.

 Dangerous monster shot a baby over video games.

The animosity began after a game system was taken from Willis' Chatham apartment and sold to someone else in the neighborhood, according to law enforcement sources.

The American negro truly weaves an amazing tapestry with their day-to-day lives.

When the new owner hooked up the system at home, he saw it belonged to Willis, a fairly well-known figure in the neighborhood and a convicted felon with more than three dozen arrests dating to 1996.

Thanks to "over-crowded" prisons and do-gooder White judges and social workers this worthless creature was repeatedly unleashed instead of being put down. Now that he's pulled a Kermit Gosnell they might finally put this piece of garbage in a cage where it belongs.

Full Story.

If you're White and you're wasting large blocks of your time on "video games" it's time to stop. This is brainless entertainment suitable for a negro. These games are often packed with cultural marxism. Turn it off. Get in shape. Learn to use a gun. Finds ways to acquire money and influence. Have White children. For the Chicago plantation it's "game over." For White Nationalism it's time to press start.


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