Georgia Black Pack Attack Targets "Crackers"

The White tax-paying sucker, the individual responsible for the continuance of the tattered remnants of Western Civilization, is completely expendable as far as our ruling reptiles are concerned. Not only are we expendable, efforts are actually being taken to insure that we're marginalized and eliminated as rapidly as possible. These efforts take various forms, including endless miscegenation propaganda aimed at White women, the sodomite agenda,  feminism, punitive levels of taxation, and direct attacks via black and brown biological weapons. The parasite has decided the host is going to die. The U.S.S.A. is doomed. All that remains to be determined is what will replace it: White Nationalism or the endless dark nightmare of African all against all.

John Willis appears before a judge on Thursday to face charges of aggravated assault and armed robbery, but detectives said the reason for the attack was not the money in the victims’ wallets. The men were walking down Wren Circle in Austell last month when they were attacked.

Another "robbery gone wrong" featuring White victims and a pack of feral negroes. The Summer of Dark Mobs is already well under way. This hush crime from a month ago has emerged from the memory hole long enough for awake Whites to notice.

"Get Whitey."

“I think they were very lucky that one or more of them did not end up getting killed,” Sgt. John Sweat of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Yeah. No shit. 

“They were yelling that this was their street, ‘This is our street, crackers. What do you have in your pockets, crackers? This is our street,’” the victim said.

The amount of hatred the average negro has for Whites is almost impossible to comprehend. As the Rule of Law erodes these attacks have become commonplace, although you'd never know it from the dinosaur media's treatment of them. Phony negro "hate crimes" are front page news. Very real racially motivated attacks on Whites are ignored.

On Wednesday, a fugitive taskforce arrested Willis, 32, at the duplex. Off camera, Willis’ girlfriend told Thomas this is a case of mistaken identity.

"I dinna do nuffin'. Dis be a case of dah miss tapin' eye denty. I hate da wite debil."

This turd attacked Whites because they were White.

One arrest from a negro swarm, possibly no conviction if the "wrong place/time" defense tricks a jury. I guess I should just be happy it isn't the usual "no arrests made" that typifies these stories. With no fear of the law whatever restraints used to be on the negro are gone. We need to be armed and vigilant.

Be sure to visit dailykenn for many more stories that Whites need to know about. Be sure you're ready for the summer and the negro malfunction it will bring. Our goal right now is to survive the coming collapse. Start planning for it now, the kosher house of cards is coming down.   


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