Greece: "Soup Kitchens of Hate"

Nearly everything Whites do is evil, according to the kosher nation-wreckers. Wanting our own nations, something every other race has, is evil. Noticing illegal immigrants from the third world destroy White nations rather than uplifting them is evil. Concern that Soviet propaganda is being taught as fact to school children is evil. Being armed is evil. Not supporting tyranny is evil. Not happily accepting our own destruction is evil. And, most of all, trying to help fellow Whites is evil.

That said, racism, and its more easily concealed counterpart, diehard opposition to immigration and immigrants, is hard to excise from the “voluntary sector.” No, we don’t equate different opinions on immigration reform with racism, but worldwide, there are some virulently racist—and some less obviously racist—groups picking up a popular cudgel to batter immigrant populations.

30 million illegal may-hee-cans are about to get citizenship. London is majority non-White. France is full of sharia no-go zones. Germans are learning turkish, Norwegians are being raped by brown invaders. In Greece, a country of only about 10 million, the marxist plan to flood this tiny nation with brown genetic, cultural and religious outsiders continues. Yup, Whites are really on the offensive, "battering" those immigrants. The usual strategy is laying down and dying, so much so that any resistance is immediately notable.

Notice in the above excerpt how the jew author speaks out of both sides of his mouth. "Diehard" opposition to immigration is "racist" (a term invented by Soviet jews). Then our kosher writer, perhaps realizing he just condemned our most basic freedoms of speech and thought,  backs off a little and allows that "different opinions" are all right. Very magnanimous. Meanwhile Israel is surrounding by a giant wall, deports negroes and must maintain its "jewish identity" at all costs. Mexico shoots people who try to cross their southern border. Asian nations are nearly monolithic in their ethnicity. But all of that is ok, because only Whites can be racist.

Giorgos Kaminis, the mayor of Athens, Greece, is trying to cancel the third annual Greeks-only charitable food giveaway sponsored by the Golden Dawn political party. In the troubled Greek state, still reeling from economic problems and imposed austerity government budgets, these food programs have become popular, but because the events exclude immigrants, Kaminis has issued a ban preventing these “soup kitchen[s] of hate.”

Helping poor Whites, Whites who are struggling in an economy ruined by kosher money thugs, none of whom are being punished, is "hate." If there was an organization, just speaking hypothetically, called The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or La Raza (The Race) would that also qualify as hate? No, of course not. Remember the marxist narrative: White man bad. Please ignore the obvious semitic hypocrisy going on.

The Golden Dawn fights back against the planned destruction of their nation.

In England and Wales, the anti-immigrant U.K. Independence Party recently shocked political commentators by taking 26 percent of the vote for Parliamentary seats in which it ran candidates. The head of the UKIP, Nigel Farage, is a media-savvy character, and a far cry from the stereotypical knuckle-dragging troglodyte, but only last year, Farage made his position very clear during one of his campaign rallies with his top of the lungs statement that “charity begins at home.”

In Londonistan the majority of the people are non-White outsiders. White girls are murdered by negro animals. If these facts aren't enough to awaken a White population targeted for elimination, I don't know what is. Yet, it's "shocking" that British Whites are realizing their nation is being intentionally destroyed.

Naturally if you're a White Nationalist you must be some sort of "troglodyte" according to the jew that wrote this article. Fighting for your own racial interests is, of course, hate. If you're White. Otherwise it's healthy "pride" that should be encouraged.

Neither Golden Dawn nor UKIP are traditional charities.

Yeah, no kidding. The traditional White charity is all about helping the other. Billions have been wasted in failed efforts to uplift the negro and the may-hee-can. We're the only race that does this. Our altruism has been exploited by our enemies over and over. No more. Charity begins at home. 

But would the horribly awful political and charitable position of the organization justify the government shutting down its soup-kitchen-of-hate, or drumming it out of the charitable sector itself?—Rick Cohen

Please ignore the jew behind the curtain.

Whites are being attacked relentlessly by the media, the educational system and the criminals in our governments. The ultimate goal is genocide. If we're going to survive we have to band together and fight for our own interests. Our enemies will call this "hate" and "racism" and say things like "This is 2013!" We're not going to listen. Your American brother salutes the heroes of the Golden Dawn. You have taken up the fight, shown us all how it is done. Soon the glorious new dawn will break in all White nations and the present dark night will end.


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