"Isolation" and "Structural Racism" Blamed For Swedish Riots

Recent events in the Swedish free-range muslim colony have not in any way challenged the typical expectations of negro muslims in Europe. Regardless of the country, their behavior and pathology is always the same: the rapes, the violence, the riots, the burning cars, the calls for sharia law and on and on. It's now obvious to anyone but an idiot that the cause of these events is genetic, cultural and religious differences combined with traitor governments that have encouraged the dysfunction. Well, obvious to anyone but an idiot, a cultural marxist or someone in the dinosaur media, but I guess that's somewhat redundant.

For outsiders, Sweden's international image as a bastion of egalitarianism, harmony, and prosperity took a shocking hit as youths rioted in the suburbs of Stockholm last week. But for many Swedes, the images of stone-throwing, car-torching youths have not come as such a complete surprise.

For your average head in the sand, sports and television White I'm sure it was a big surprise that White European nations are being deluged with pathological outsiders. For those of us who are awake, it's not even a little surprising. We've seen this same nonsense in El-France, the United Kaliphate, Germanistan, etc.

The riots laid bare the social isolation growing in some of Stockholm's suburbs. But Swedes are divided over the root cause of the riots, with some insisting they are a result of failed integration of immigrants and others pointing to socio-economic marginalization.

There's a new one. "Social isolation," whatever that's supposed to mean, is provoking the religion of peace negroes. If only Whites would accelerate their own marginalization and destruction the brown garbage might shape up a little. Meanwhile, let's ignore the obvious correct answer and veer into marxist class theory. Just like the long-debunked lie of "poverty" causing typical negro behavior in the U.S.S.A.

 "Social Isolation" made negroes run amok.

Fifteen percent of Sweden's 9 million citizens were born abroad. Immigration increased by 7 percent in 2012 and is now at the highest rate ever, according to figures from Statistics Sweden. An influx of migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia was behind most of the increase.

A land of only nine million must allow a steady flood of non-White aliens. There is no logical argument for this nonsense, no sensible reason for the West's suicide. This is the planned destruction of White nations.

During the rioting, the police were accused of using excessive force and racist language. Self-appointed citizen brigades took it upon themselves to "restore order" by chasing down ethnic minority Swedes.

Negro muslim scum aren't Swedes and never can be. A nation is not lines on a map, it's shared blood, culture, religion, identity, values and vision. You can't alchemize a Somali into a White European. Also, it's amazing that the "let it burn, we'll watch" police still face accusations of hurting the feelings of mudslime savages. How feckless do Whites have to act to avoid the inevitable kosher charges of "racism?"

"We know that this is a reaction to social wants. Unemployment, failing schools, and structural racism are contributing factors to what is happening today," community organization Megafonen said of the riots that started soon after the group had organized a protest against police violence. 

I wonder if this "community organizer" (go burn those cars over there, Muhammad) will be Sweden's next president. The same tired excuses are made for the predictable failure of the negro. The same lies. Give them handouts, give them special rights, give them preferences. Somehow the dysfunction never goes away. We've had enough. White nations for Whites.

Our communist enemies are going to keep lying to us until the bitter end. All that remains to be seen is what that end will be: White capitulation and destruction or the restoration of our lands. Those are the two choices, living peacefully alongside the negro alien is not a possibility. We are the future, if we work for it. 


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