More Africa School Economics in Detroit Rot City

The negro has a hard time with concepts like "money has value." For the American negro cash is something that falls from the sky, bestowed by the magical government. In reality, of course, these funds are stolen from the White tax-paying sucker and then dumped down the marxist black hole of welfare dependency, free Obama phones and make-work "affirmative action" government jobs. Our mulatto figurehead shares this ignorance, bringing in negro and jew entertainers at a hefty price tag even as his administration implodes under a tornado of scandals and outrages.

As usual, Detroit is always leading the way in negro malfunction and is an object lesson in what happens when the protective hand of Whites is removed.

Four trustees of Detroit’s two public pension funds are heading to a Hawaiian beach resort this weekend with their $22,000 tab paid for by the funds, which are mired in claims of mismanagement and said to be at least $600 million underfunded.

"We be goin' to why-ee, sucka." A city about to collapse still finds a way to sneak in some big government corruption and waste. The lack of future orientation typically found in the American negro, combined with the lower I.Q., creates this sort of madness. Africa in miniature here in the U.S.S.A., brought to you by our marxist enemies and typical negro behavior.

Stanford University professor Joe Nation, who specializes in public employee pensions, criticized the trip.“Trustees don’t need to go to Waikiki to learn about best practices,” he told the Free Press. “Everyone knows they go there and they don’t work very hard. That’s just the nature of it.”

Even a victim of a communist indoctrination center is forced to acknowledge this negro waste.

“You do know that we don’t pick the locations for these conferences, right?” Thomas said. “The way conferences are set up, there’s not too many of them happening in Indiana or Kansas.”

"I dinna do nuffin' wrong. Dey ain't have no con-france up in Kan-ass."

Full Story.

An already hopelessly broke city paying to send inept and lazy civil parasites on vacation. A entire city destroyed. But wait, all is not lost! Some negro has a 40 watt bulb idea to save everything! An "African American" hotel! Hurray!

An ambitious Detroit businessman thinks he has a bombshell idea for transforming the empty lot where Old Tiger Stadium used to be. Francois DeMonique told WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas he wants to see the site at Michigan Avenue and Trumbull transformed into an all African American hotel and entertainment complex.

Let's be honest, with Detroit annexed by the third world we can just call it an African hotel. Looking forward to the blockbuster jewish comedy "Hotel For Negroes" based on this wet-brain scheme.

Welcome to the all "African American" hotel and entertainment complex!

This may be just the first African-American development built from the ground up,” he said.

Yeah, really. I guess mud huts do count if you want to get super technical. 

DeMonique’s vision for Urban Café Detroit is one where visitors can stay in a hotel, attend a live concert, have a first-class dinner and dance the night away all under one roof without having to drive to separate destinations.

The reality will be a place where visitors can squat in a ruin, listen to (c)rap on a beat-up boom box, battle rats for scraps from a dumpster without having to stagger to separate locations while avoiding the fires and drive by shootings. 

Because it worked so well when we put negroes in the Super Dome in New Orleans...

The third through seventh floors will have 20 suites per floor, each featuring a theme-specific decor designed around the unique cultures of various African countries. DeMonique said the designs and concepts will cover all 100 suites, showcasing different countries of Africa and the Caribbean.

I'm looking forward to spending a night in a theme suite based on African culture, like the "genital mutilation suite" or the "albinos hacked up for witchcraft amulets" room. Might want to skip the "genocide of White farmers" section. Maybe the "Lynching Suites" featuring the "genital theft lynching honeymoon suite." 

The project has a price tag of $75 million to $100 million.

Investing in Detroit: when simply flushing your money down the toilet doesn't feed your "do-gooder" impulse. 

Two scenes of negro mismanagement and ineptitude from a city that has been lost. This is the future for all American cities on the path we're currently on. The only solution is White Nationalism.


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