Negroes Run Wild In Practice Prison, Post Video of Crime

Sending a White child to a public school is nothing short of child abuse. This is a setting where endless lessons on "races" Whites and apocryphal negro and may-hee-can "history" will be taught, in between racially motivated attacks and massive negro malfunction. Thanks to the age of the internet and streaming video we can now safely enter the public school Heart of Darkness and observe the negro in its native state.

Five teenage students have been charged as adults and taken into police custody after a shocking beating inside a Pennsylvania high school recorded and posted online by the assailants went viral.

When it comes to the negro "viral" is the right choice of words. A dark, two-legged virus attacking the healthy cells of civilized White nations. The spreading sickness bringing the U.S.S.A. to its knees and leaving behind rotted tissue like Detroit or Chicago.

"I dinna do nuffin'."

The footage, which surfaced on Youtube this week, shows Jordan Morales, 16, Clayton Newman, 18, Citerrah Gomillon, 16, Edward Stanley and Omar Davis, 18, viciously beating an unidentified 16-year-old in the library of Chester High School.

Typical "teen" behavior, the kind that happens over and over with predictable regularity. Often the victim is White. We need to be separated from the negro, for our own safety.

The video shows the group beating the victim with wooden chairs, as well as punching and kicking him repeatedly on the ground. Edward Stanley can be heard to narrate, 'The s**t just got real here' as he videos the beating on his phone - which he later uploaded himself.

The shit just got surreal in Western Nations. Low I.Q. monsters running amok, encouraged by the kosher media and educational complex. Ruling criminals enabling it by removing free association. Speech laws, though laws, face crime. Lies on top of lies. 

Aspiring lawyer, oceanographer and/or rapper.

'We’re trying to fit the pieces together, but we’re not letting this go lightly,' said Police Commissioner Joseph Bail to the Delco Times on Thursday morning.

Let's put the pieces together. Negroes are brought into a White nation on jewish slave ships. Whites end slavery, a practice that still continues in non-White nations to this day. 85 I.Q genetic aliens are unleashed upon us and given special rights and protections. We are rewarded with crime, ignorance, welfare dependency and now a grainy video of a black pack attack.

Our equal.

'The kids are really taking over the school there. I think security really needs to be stepped up in there,' added the father to CBS Philadelphia.

That or throw a giant net over everything. 

'Obviously, in an ideal setting, we would have a situation where this would not happen, where this could not have happened, and we’re going to investigate and find out what happened,' said Chester Upland School District Receiver Joe Watkins.

Obviously, in a White nation, we would have a situation where this would not happen, where this could not have happened.

An ideal setting isn't crowded with violent, moronic stone age leftovers. An ideal nation is made up of one race, allowed to pursue its right to self-determination. Ignoring these obvious truths has let to disaster and will eventually lead to the death of the U.S.S.A. From the ashes rises a White homeland.


  1. This whole page is garbage!! Negroes aren't the only ones in this country that commit crimes. It's just glorified because they are "Negroes". You need to over haul your page & stop singling out one race over others. This is showing your ignorance!!!

  2. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog, Duchess. The American negro commits seven to ten times the crime as Whites or Asians, according to the DoJ. Even that appalling statistic is low, considering how many brown criminals magically become White for reporting purposes.

    You'll be glad to know I don't single out one race. I also regularly lay blame for my country's death on the Frankfurt school jew, the la-teen-oh invader, the mystery meat Tan Everyman and the slumbering careerist White. I am nothing if not inclusive.

    Best of luck with the royal baby, thanks again for stopping by.


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